Music Pathway Program

Senior music students are invited to have their music compositions performed and recorded in a professional concert environment, and take part in an Improvisation Workshop and Music Industry Forum.

Live Performance Concert and Recording Opportunity

This partnership offers Year 11 and 12 music students to take part in a rare opportunity to have their compositions performed by professional musicians or perform their own music, or covers by other musicians, in a professional concert environment. Each performance will be recorded live by Western Sydney University's professional sound engineers with an audio/visual copy presented to each student for their HSC, portfolio for further study auditions, and/or to further their music career goals.  

Students are welcome to perform their HSC performances, their own music or submit a score to WSU Music and it will be performed and recorded by professional musicians on keyboard/strings samples/vibraphone, guitar, bass, drums, trumpet and wind instrument (sax, flute, clarinet).

Students will also have the chance to meet with
the music academics and tour the state-of the-art music precinct.

Performance and Recording Session

Registrations closed.

Registrations for this event are now closed. If you have any questions regarding this event please contact Associate Professor Sally Macarthur

Recording session dates:

Friday 30 August, 4-7pm

Friday 27 September, 4-7pm

Playhouse Theatre, Music Precinct, Western Sydney University Kingswood Campus

Teachers, students, parents and friends are also invited to attend the concerts and Improvisation Workshop and Music Industry Forum. Bookings open soon.

Thank you to our partners

We thank our partners Penrith City Council, Penrith Performance and Visual Arts and the Penrith Conservatorium, with the generous support of the Great Walk Foundation for creating a wonderful opportunity for our Senior Music Students.