Bachelor of Music



Delivery Mode On campus
Location Penrith
Duration  3F / 6P
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UAC Code 720720
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Key :  FFull time study,  P = Part time study,  A =  Accelerated full time study

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Delivery Mode On campus
Location Penrith
Duration 3F
Intake Information
Course Code 1659.4 [CRICOS Code 065052F] 
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Key :  FFull time study,  P = Part time study,  A =  Accelerated full time study

Part-time refers to study load, not to timetabling of evening classes.


Music is a universal art form. Like the air we breathe, it is everywhere. It has been known to transcend geographical, national, political, cultural and racial boundaries, and can evoke the full spectrum of emotions in listeners. Music encourages introspection, inspires social awareness and unity, and has even been known to inform policy.

The Bachelor of Music takes an eclectic, modern and inclusive approach to music repertoire, performance and sound design. It gives you an opportunity to develop your professional and creative potential in making and appreciating a range of different types of music.

You will focus on repertoire and media of the 20th and 21st centuries and also study music from earlier historical periods. You will have opportunities to use our recording studies, multimedia and MIDI labs, and digital audio/video suites. You can also gain practical experience in performance as a soloist and in groups, concert administration and production, recording, composition, audio production, library research and retrieval, film music and collaboration.


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Auditions are open from July 10 - 14, September 11 - 15 and December 4 - 8. To book your audition, please see How to Apply.

Career Opportunities for the Bachelor of Music


Music teachers can be hired as part of an organisation or teach on a freelance basis. Further study can open the path to educating in both a primary and high school environment, with a specialisation in music.

Music director

 Music directors typically manage the creative practice of an orchestra or concert band. It is also the term given to someone who manages the music in a television or film or the head of music in an educational institution. They have a lot of responsibility in creative direction, communicating the ideas of a company and often managing a large group of people.

Artistic director

Artistic directors work as the head of an arts organisation to oversee the artistic choices that the organisation makes. This is a role particularly undertaken in a theatre company where the artistic director is in charge of approving upcoming productions and the advertising and media for these works.


Composers create music to be performed individually or by a large group of musicians, such as a band or orchestra.

Sound designer

Sound designers acquire different audio elements and compose and manipulate them to create their desired sound. It includes the creation of sound for productions, video games, film and television.

If you are interested in becoming a secondary teacher, the Bachelor of Music degree will qualify you to undertake a Master of Teaching (Secondary).

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Academic Profile

Associate Professor Sally Macarthur

Associate Professor Sally Macarthur lectures in Musicology and is Director of Academic Program, Music. She has researched and written on topics to do with new classical music, women's music and music in spiritual and cross-cultural contexts. Her work draws on the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and feminist theory. Her book, Towards a Twenty-First-Century Feminist Politics of Music, is a feminist-D…

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