Bachelor of International Studies



Delivery Mode On campus
Location Bankstown; Parramatta
Duration  3F / 6P
Intake Information Semester 1 (Autumn); Semester 2 - (Spring)
Apply Direct Code 1658.4
UAC Code 724505 [Bankstown]; 724510 [Parramatta]
Entrance Rank 70.05 [Bankstown]; 70.10 [Parramatta]
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Key :  FFull time study,  P = Part time study,  A =  Accelerated full time study

Part-time refers to study load, not to timetabling of evening classes.



Delivery ModeOn campus
LocationBankstown; Parramatta
Intake InformationSemester 1 (Autumn); Semester 2 - (Spring)
Course Code1658.4 [CRICOS Code 064562C] 
Entrance Rank

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Fee Information

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Key :  FFull time study,  P = Part time study,  A =  Accelerated full time study

Part-time refers to study load, not to timetabling of evening classes.


To succeed in today's economy you need a diverse skill set and a real-world view. You also need wide ranging knowledge to meet the shifting complexities and challenges associated with an evolving international agenda. This program has been designed to meet those challenges. International Studies at Western Sydney University examines world affairs in the political, economic, social and cultural areas.

International Studies provides students with the diverse skills and knowledge needed to meet the changes in societies, governments and businesses. The course examines the relationships of societies, cultures, languages and systems of government within the international system. It will develop your capacity to analyse the historical development of relations among nation states and contemporary political, social and cultural issues.

International Studies combines Asian studies, history, international governance, international relations, peace studies, politics, security studies, and modern languages (Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and Japanese). The course provides for one semester of study abroad during three years of full-time study.


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Career Opportunities for the Bachelor of International Studies

Business advisor

Business advisors give advice to businesses on the most effective way to run their company, including strategy, communication and branding. Business advisors are usually specialists in particular areas, such as international relations.

Culture and public policy analyst

Policy analysts view and develop government policies in relation to a particular section of government, like arts and culture.They analyse and compile data, modify existing policies and liaise frequently with internal and external groups.

Teaching (with further study)

Further study can open the path to educating in both a primary and high school environment, with a specialisation in international relations.


A researcher undertakes further research in the field of International Relations. Most researchers are University teachers, or academics, who teach students and design courses on top of their research.

International organisations

International organisations such as the United Nations or European Union advise on policy and maintain fair international relations. International organisations fill a variety of roles in communications, administration and law.

Foreign affairs

Diplomats and foreign ministers serve as representatives of their governments and work to protect the interests of their country. Diplomats take part in persuasive and fair conversation,critically analyse and advise on policies, engage in culture and travel extensively.

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Academic Profile

Doctor David Walton

David Walton is a Senior Lecturer in Asian Studies and International Relations. His research interests are at the intersection of international relations and diplomatic history. David is particularly focused on post-war Australian foreign policy towards the Asia Pacific region and specifically Australia-Japan political and security relations. Prior to his appointment at UWS, David taught in the School of Asian and International Studi…

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