UWS Early Learning LTD (UWSELL) provides high quality child care and early learning experiences for our children in a stimulating, inclusive and nurturing environment, working in partnership with families, Western Sydney University and our diverse community.

Our Long Day Care Centres are located within the Western Sydney University grounds and conveniently located on six campuses.

Occasional Child Care is now available to the University's students at all UWSELL services.

Sustainability Challenge 2014

As part of our UWS Early Learning's commitment to sustainable practices our 6 services took part in the 2014 sustainability challenge. A reminder that recycling week was not far off was all that was needed to further our innovation in this area.

The challenge categories were:

  • Recycle materials
  • Practicality
  • Aesthetics
  • Originality
  • Possible Learning opportunities on sustainability

And the winners:

Winner - UWS Early Learning Blacktown

Highly Commended - UWS Early Learning Parramatta

This challenge was supported by the UWS Office of Sustainability. UWSELL is grateful for their participation in providing an expert panel of judges and gift vouchers for book purposes for all our services who participated.

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