Graduate Research Courses


In the spirit of 'unlimited', we're committed to high-impact research that makes a tangible and ongoing difference to our region's cultural, economic, environmental and educational development, and is responsive to contemporary challenges in Greater Western Sydney and beyond.

We are recognised for our capacity to carry out successful collaborative research partnerships, and for our work with industry partners, and the government and community sectors. Our research commitment is also supported by a ten-year research investment program.

Western Sydney research degrees are designed to enable you to focus on pressing social issues and scientific problems. Our research students are supported by a supervisory panel of two to three staff members who may hold honorary or adjunct appointments, and we actively encourage the appointment of associate supervisors from industry as well as other universities where this is appropriate. The supervisory panel provides you with well-rounded expertise in topic areas that are increasingly interdisciplinary.

For more information on our programs, course lists, and how to apply, simply visit our Graduate Research School website.


Graduate Research Course List:

The table below lists the courses, location and duration of the Graduate Research Courses.

Master of Philosophy 2F / 4P
Master of Research Parramatta 2F / 4P
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 3F / 6P
Doctor of Education (EdD) 3F / 6P
Doctor of Creative Arts (DCA) 3F / 6P
Doctor of Cultural Research (DCR) 3F / 6P
Master of Research
Doctor of Philosophy
Master of Philosophy

Key: F = Full Time; P = Part Time