Information for Parents

The transition between high school and University is a stepping stone not only for the student, but also for their family and friends. We encourage you to continue the education journey and have provided a checklist of important information on this page to assist you in discussing university as an option. 

Area of Study

At Western Sydney University, our courses are categorised by Areas of Study. When a student enters university straight from high school, the courses they apply for are Undergraduate courses called Bachelors degrees. These courses are open to people who have not yet completed a university degree and who have met the admission requirements to gain entry to the course.

Course information is available through the following Area of Study links:


Course fees are an important aspect of University. Undergraduate course fees vary depend on the units (or subjects) and study load (for example, part time or full time) of each student. Information about student contribution amounts and payment options for prospective students is available at the external Study Assist website (opens in a new window).


A number of Scholarships are now available for application online. Browse through our wide range of Scholarships for more information.

Advantage Entry Programs

Your choice of university is an important decision. We believe that success is fuelled by a strong desire and ambition, and if you have the drive and determination to succeed, then Western Sydney University offers you an unlimited world of potential.

For information on our advantage entry programs and bonus points visit Western Sydney Advantage Entry Programs.