EucFACE Reveals That Australian Trees Limited By Lack Of Nutrients


The EucFACE experiment exposes native woodland to elevated carbon dioxide. We found that:

  • Despite consistent increases in leaf photosynthesis, eucalypts could not put on more wood, stem and leaf growth under elevated CO2.
  • When phosphorus was added in tests, productivity increased by 35%.
  • Findings completely opposite to overseas FACE experiments that found a 23% increase in tree productivity with elevated CO2.
  • Findings demonstrate the importance of Australian science with implications for global climate change models.

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1 June 2015

Planting has finished on a new phase of our experiments to assess the suitability of a range of selected Eucalyptus camaldulensis clonal lines under field conditions as part of the Science and Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF) project in partnership with the CSIRO....

29 June 2017

PhD student Jen Peters won the 2017 HIE Round of the annual Three Minute Thesis Competition, with a stellar presentation 'A look inside leaves'. Awarded Runner-Up was PhD student Jonathan Finch with his talk 'Very Niche Ecology' and People's Choice Award went to Kirsten Ball's fabulously enthusiastic talk 'Native under-vine for cheaper wine'.

Presenting a complex research story inside three minutes is a tough ask yet our students presented with flair and passion to showcase their research directions and how they are relevant to everyday people.

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