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May Colloquium

Title: Bilingualism in early language development – the acquisition of sounds and words

Speaker: Dr. Liu Liquan

When: 18th May, 1:00 - 2:00 pm

Where: Bankstown, 01.1.223


The influence of bilingualism on language development starts before birth. Although monolingual and bilingual neonates share the same perceptual and learning mechanisms, their initial sensitivity is altered via language experience. Differences have been shown between monolingual and bilingual infants across linguistic, cognitive, neural and social domains. In the course of language development, consistent debates are placed on whether bilingual infants are temporarily delayed than monolinguals. The current research tested more than 1000 Dutch monolingual and bilingual infants and adult listeners on their consonant, vowel, lexical/musical pitch perception, as well as (infants’) word learning and vocabulary development. Findings illustrate (temporary) delay, equal pace and acceleration effects in different aspects of development. We discuss these findings from linguistic, cognitive and neural perspectives, and propose future developmental studies in neural and social domains.

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