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Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships

Close personal relationships are crucial to people's wellbeing, and determining which factors keep relationships strong and satisfying can help people to achieve a healthy, balanced life.

Have you been in a romantic relationship for at least one year?

If so, you and your partner are invited to be participants in an important scientific study about the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. We would like you and your partner to come along to the lab at the University of Western Sydney's Bankstown campus or University of New South Wales' Kensington campus for 90 minutes to complete a survey about your perceptions of yourself, your partner and your relationship.

Next, you'll keep an electronic diary for two weeks, recording some of the interactions you have with your partner and other couples and how you feel about those interactions.

Then you'll come back to the lab for a short survey and to return the electronic device. This usually takes about 40 minutes.

Participants will be reimbursed for their time and travel expenses (as applicable) for each stage of the study (maximum of $60 per person). 

For more information read the article about our study in The Conversation(opens in a new window), or contact Angie to find out how you can join us:

Phone: 9772 6618

UWS Relationship Research on Facebook (opens in a new window)

Or enrol directly using our enrolment form (opens in a new window)

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