Postgraduate Study

Higher degree by research (HDR) supervision represents one of core activities undertaken by the group. The diversity of research interests amongst its academic staff is reflected in the diversity of HDR candidates the group attracts. The group offers both Master of Arts (Honours) and PhD supervision.

Current research students:

Supervisor Student
Phoebe Bailey

Brooke Brady

John Cass

Daniel Talbot

Peter Jonason

James Middleton

Monica Koehn

Rhiannon Rogers

Ahmed Moustafa

Julie Hall

Julia Garami

Robyn Winwood-Smith

Justin Mahlberg

Joseph Phillips

Rebecca Pinkus

Ryan McMullan

Andrew Jerovich

Nhung Nguyen

Rachel Robbins

Daniel Piepers

Evelyn Smith

Sienna Winters

Jayanthi Raman

Mimi Leith

Melanie Dunn

Daniel Talbot

Michael Tyler

Mona Faris

Sarah Fenwick

Sarah Wright

Tamara Watson

Arnab Ahmed

Gabrielle Weidemann

James Duguid

Tanya Pritchard

Jessica Bazouni

Justin Mahlberg

Prospective students are encouraged to consult the Group's People page and to contact potential supervisors directly in order to discuss their research proposal. For queries relating to academic or supervisory matters, please contact the group's HDR Coordinator, Gabrielle Weidemann.

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