MyWestern Card and Sub-Page Request Form

MyWestern is the University's student portal. As well as providing students with easy access to timetables, email and systems, the portal showcases the University's services and facilities. The dashboard consists of ten cards displaying a range of content: resources (exams; orientation etc); notifications (fee payment; systems outages etc); timetable; promotions and competitions; services (library, MESH, gym, food outlets etc); events (Out and About adventures, Research Week etc); and student success stories/profiles.

Complete the form below to request a MyWestern card to be designed and published.

MyWestern cards provide one to two sentences of key information and a graphic. Detailed information can be provided through a sub-page linked to the card.

We recommend that you submit this form two – three weeks in advance to allow time for design, approval and uploading.

Your request will be subject to approval. Submission does not guarantee that your story will be featured.

Please refer to the MyWestern guidelines before submitting your request.

MyWestern Guidelines

  • Messages can be displayed for up to a fortnight.
  • Suggested MyWestern posts must be submitted via the online request form two - three weeks in advance.
  • MyWestern can only be used to promote the University’s resources, facilities and events. It cannot be used to advertise an outside business, unless a partner of the Unveristy.
  • Topics may include: resources; facilities; notifications; promotions and competitions; services; events; student success stories/ profiles.
  • Attachments can be redeveloped into a sub-page.
  • Hyperlinks can be included.
  • Political or religious messages endorsing a particular philosophy cannot be published on MyWestern.
  • The MyWestern moderator reserves the right to edit long messages or to decline to publish unsuitable messages.
  • All MyWestern posts must comply with the Acceptable Use of IT Resources Policy and the Code of Conduct.

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