Copyright Infringement Notice

Notice by copyright owner, licensee or agent of claimed infringement of copyright in copyright material

To Western Sydney University Designated Representative (Copyright)

1. I give this notice for the purposes of condition 3 of item 4 of the table in subsection 116AH (1) of the Copyright Act
2. I am the *owner/*exclusive licensee/*agent of the owner/*agent of the exclusive licensee of the copyright in the following copyright material residing on your system or network, and I believe, in good faith, that the storage of the material on your system or network is not authorised by the owner or any exclusive licensee of the copyright in that material, or by the Copyright Act 1968, and is therefore an infringement of the copyright in the material.
3. Insert sufficient information below to enable the service provider
(a) To identify the copyright material in respect of which the infringement is claimed; and
(b) To locate on the service provider’s system or network the copyright material.
  • 4. I have taken reasonable steps to ensure that the information and statements in this notice are accurate.
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