Fleet Management

University Fleet Vehicles are managed by the Procurement Services team.

The responsibility for requisitioning vehicles is as follows:

Type of Vehicle Responsibility
Novated leases Eligible ongoing or fix-term staff member
Tool of trade Procurement Services on behalf of the eligible staff member
Department/business unit dedicated vehiclesAuthorised CAT 6 level financial delegate within a business unit.
Note: A legitimate business case for the requirement of a vehicle must be submitted to Procurement Services for review/approval.
Campus based pool vehiclesProcurement Services

Novated Motor Vehicle Leases

The University provides all employees with access to a range of staff benefits, including access to SG Fleet novated lease arrangements which comprises:

  • A fleet-discounted vehicle price
  • Savings on GST and income tax
  • Complimentary trade-in service
  • Running costs minimised and covered in one regular payment

Novated leases are conducted via SG Fleet and organised between the WSU Staff member and the HR team. The PCS team have no involvement in this.

Contact details for SG Fleet are:

  • Account Manager - Nicholas Volker
  • SG Fleet Australia Pty Limited Level 2, Building 3, 20 Bridge Street Pymble, NSW 2073 Australia
  • P: +61 2 9494 1045 | M: +61 437 788 585
  • E: NVolker@sgfleet.com
  • W: www.sgfleet.com (opens in a new window)

Department or Unit Dedicated Vehicles

Department/business unit dedicated vehicles are leased through the University’s leasing provider, ORIX. If there is a legitimate requirement for a dedicated vehicle for your department/business unit, a business case is required to be developed and endorsed by the appropriate CAT 6 level financial delegate within your area and submitted to the Procurement Services team for review/approval.

You can submit your business case and any additional queries to the Procurement Services team at pcs@westernsydney.edu.au

Fuel and Routine Maintenance

All University vehicles are provided with two fuel cards.

Vehicles are only to be fuelled with the type and grade of fuel specified by the manufacturer.

The lease cost includes regular servicing and maintenance costs specified by the manufacturer at the intervals indicated in the vehicle handbook. Servicing and maintenance must only be undertaken by providers authorised by the leasing company. These are detailed on the Motor Vehicle Information Sheet which is provided when the vehicle is delivered.

Tyres and Windscreens

The lease costs include the replacement of tyres due to normal driving wear (1 set per 40,000km) depending on the type of vehicle.

Abnormal tyre wear, puncture repair or tyre replacement due to punctures are not specifically covered under the lease arrangement and may be charged to the operating business unit if the University incurs these additional costs.

Replacement or repair of windscreens are not specifically covered under the lease costs and are also to be replaced / repaired by a supplier authorised by the leasing company.  Any additional costs will be charged back to the operating business unit.

Accident Reporting and Repair

If a University vehicle is involved in an accident it must be reported using a motor vehicle claim form (opens in a new window).

For further information regarding coverage, please see the Motor Vehicle Insurance (opens in a new window) web page or seek advice from the University's Accountant - Taxation and Insurance Officer who co-ordinates the insurance claim and will advise on the repair process.

End of Lease

All vehicles which are required to be returned at the end of the lease period, must be returned to Hawkesbury Campus Safety and Security (Building J9), along with the logbooks, 2 x keys and all other accessories/equipment provided at the beginning of the lease. Failure to do so will result in replacement costs being charged back to the operating business unit.

Any damage or abnormal wear to the vehicle which is deemed outside of regular wear and tear (by reference to the Australian Fleet Lessors Association Guide to Fair Wear and Tear (opens in a new window)) will be charged back to the operating business unit.

Contact Information

The appropriate contact persons for vehicle related matters are set out below:

Vehicle related matter Contact details

General Information Including:

  • NRMA Road Service membership
    (Applicable to University owned vehicles))
  • Vehicle registrations
  • Placement of official orders for new leased vehicles (not novated lease)
  • CTP Green Slips
  • E-Tags
  • Vehicle delivery details

Procurement Services

Extension: 1487

Phone: (02) 4570 1487

Procurement Enquiries@westernsydney.edu.au

Motor Vehicle Accidents and Insurance

Senior Operations Accountant

(Leah Dincog)

Extension: 1217

Phone: (02) 4570 1217


PoolCar System Enquiries

IT Service Desk

Extension: 5111

Phone: (02) 9852 5111