Contract Information Database - GIPA Data Entry

GIPA Contract Disclosure Database

NSW Government freedom of information legislation changed during 2010 with the introduction of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA). This legislation requires WSU to maintain and publish a register of contracts that have a value of $150,000 or more (incl GST).

Any University business which enters into a contract or purchase valued at $150K or more is required to provide information about the transaction which includes the successful supplier, the goods or services to be provided, the expected value of the purchase and details of the evaluation criteria.

Contract Types

GIPA identifies three classes of contract which are in part defined as:

  • Class1 – Contracts which have or are likely to have a value of at least $150K
  • Class 2 – Class 1 contracts where there has not been a public tender process and/or the contract involves an obligation to operate infrastructure or assets
  • Class 3 – A Class 2 contract with a value of more than $5M

Each of the contract classes has a different level of data disclosure required.

Data Collection

To ensure compliance please TRIM your contract and email

Complete the data requested in the automated response and the GIPA - Contracts Disclosure team will finalise remaining details

The Western Sydney University register of contracts can be located on the University Contract Reporting Page.