Procurement, Asset & Equipment

The Procurement, Asset and Equipment team, formerly known as 'IT Finance & Procurement' have evolved into “mainstream” procurement and asset management as a result of the Shared Services Program.  Whilst the team have historically operated primarily within the ITDS environment, they are now providing support to the entire University. The team are committed to building business relationships and working collaboratively to achieve positive outcomes for the University. The PAE team believe that working in partnership is the best way forward to ensure that compliance and continuity of process improvement is consistently delivered.

The PAE Team provide a wide range of operational support services to the entire University, including;

  • Processing requisitions to pay (purchase orders)
  • Procurement and account management for Multi-Function Devices
  • Account management for Telephony
  • Vehicle Fleet Management
  • Enterprise software Licensing
  • Staff Directory administration
  • Management of all asset & Equipment (including IT asset) both leased and owned
  • General transactional/ operational support to the University
  • WINC Stationary
  • Quarterly Leasing


Please direct all enquiries to;

General Enquiries
Phone: 4570 1487
On-Line: (Preferred)