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This page provides information about software applications that are automatically available to Western Sydney University staff computers connected to the University network. This service offers a convenient way for staff to manage the software installed on their computers.

Understanding the service

Software makes our computers productive. Software works with the computer hardware and operating system to perform the specialised task required. Although your computer comes with some applications preinstalled (e.g. browsers, calculator, etc), most other software needs to be separately installed.

As an example, to view a PDF document, you need to have Adobe Reader installed. To use your computer for creating a document, software like Microsoft Word has to be installed.

To help make your computer time productive, most University computers connected to our network provide you with a service to assist you to manage your basic software needs. You can add or remove the software available without needing ITS support, making the service convenient and timely. Software can be accessed via the "Software Center" on windows devices or via “Casper Self Service” on MACs.

Information Technology and Digital Services (ITDS), with kind assistance from dedicated Western Sydney University staff members, has selected, prepared, tested and made this software available to the general Western Sydney University community.

Not all software is available through this service. If you require software that isn't available, you will need to log a request via the MyIT Portal (opens in a new window) for your Western Sydney University computer.

Using the Software Center or Casper Self Service

The Software Center is available for Western Sydney University staff computers with a Microsoft Windows operating system (Windows 7 or Windows 10). The service is installed automatically and is available once you have logged on to your computer, on the Western Sydney University wired network.

You can access the service by selecting the Software Center icon from the Windows Task Bar.

Once opened you can browse, select and run any listed program.

The Software Center also displays a history of actions undertaken (time and date) and whether the installation or uninstallation succeeded. This means you can see when a program was successfully installed or removed. For detailed information, please refer to the Software Center - How to Install & Uninstall (opens in a new window) knowledge article which shows how to access and install software via Software Center.

Casper Self Service is available on Western Sydney University MACs. 1.Once your Macintosh is enrolled in Casper, an icon for the Self-Service application (Western shield) will appear on your dock. Click it once to open Self-Service. Alternately, you can open SelfService from Launchpad.

If you cannot find the application you need log a standard Device and Software Application request through the MyIT Portal which can be conveniently accessed through Self-Service. The MyIT Portal icon is located on the left hand side of your screen.

For detailed information, please refer to the Apple Macintosh | Installing Software on University Macs via Casper Self Service (opens in a new window) knowledge article which shows how to access and install software via Casper Self Service.

What software is available?

The software applications available through this service are:

  1. commonly required by Western Sydney University staff, either as primary use or dependent programs
  2. "site licensed" to the University
  3. dependent on the version of Windows installed
  4. technically and legally available for distribution to Western Sydney University
  5. also available in the general purpose labs and teaching spaces.

Even though some of the programs in Software Center and Casper Self Service are available from other sources, it is important to note that they will not have undergone testing by ITDS. Untested software may disrupt or degrade your computer's operations.

Programs available through Software Center and Casper Self Service are automatically tailored to your computer.

The software available to staff is also installed in teaching spaces across Western Sydney University. This means staff can develop teaching programs with confidence, knowing the same software (versions and configuration) is installed into the teaching spaces.

When is the software changed?

Software listed in Software Center and Casper Self Service is periodically updated to reflect changes in version or functions. ITDS informs Western Sydney University staff when these changes are made, and what actions you need to take. Most changes to the Software Centerand Casper Self Service take place at the beginning of the year.

ITDS works to keep these changes to a minimum in an effort to keep our software environment stable. When changes are made, staff are able to remove old versions and install the new ones themselves. This will help keep your computer software up to date and avoid issues relating to compatibility and functionality.

What about software that isn't listed?

If you aren't using the standard Western Sydney University Windows operating environment, you need software that isn't available via Software Center and Casper Self Service, or you want to enquire about software purchases or advice, please log a request through the MyIT Portal (opens in a new window).

Further assistance

If you require further assistance with Software Center or Casper Self Service, please contact the IT Service Desk on 02 9852 5111 (ext 5111).