Software Licences

The University maintains a library of software available for use on University owned/leased machines. Some licences are free of additional charge whilst others are chargeable. Procurement, Asset and Equipment (PAE) is responsible for maintaining the library and ensuring software licensing across the University is managed in accordance with the legal obligations that accompany each piece of software. To ensure licensing compliance, all software requests must be processed through PAE.

What licences are available?

The University has a wide range of software from Microsoft, Adobe and many more developers available under special licensing agreements that have been customised for Western Sydney University. Software that is available to all staff can be accessed via the "Software Center" on windows devices or via “Casper Self Service” on MACs.

For step by step instructions on how to install & uninstall software on university Windows PCs, please refer to the IT knowledge base article (opens in a new window).

For step by step instructions on installing software on university MACs, please refer to the IT knowledge base article (opens in a new window).

Simply log a request through the MyIT Portal (opens in a new window) if you would like more information on software, platforms, licence types, availability for home use, and more.

How do I arrange to have software installed?

If you are using a standard University Windows operating environment, all software included in the annual charge to schools and divisions is available to install on your computer (opens in a new window). These are known as "advertised programs". No additional charges apply to install these programs. You can install this software by opening the "Software Center", while you are connected to the University network. If the program you need is listed, click the install option to install the program on your computer.

For detailed information, please refer to the Software Center - How to Install & Uninstall knowledge article which shows how to access and install software via the "Software Center".

If you aren't using the standard University Windows operating environment, you need software that isn't available via the "Software Center", or you want to enquire about software purchases or advice, please log a request to PAE through the MyIT Portal (opens in a new window). PAE support the software needs of the whole University.

You can also contact the IT Service Desk on ext 5111 to log a software request.

How much does it cost?

The programs available via the "Software Center" have been site licensed by the University, meaning there are no additional charges to install or use the software.

Log a request to PAE through the MyIT Portal (opens in a new window) for pricing on other software packages.

What happens if PAE do not have the software available?

PAE has established relationships with vendors to allow Western Sydney University to purchase software at discounted rates, and can arrange to have the software purchased for your unit. Please keep in mind that the University operates with a Standard Operating Environment, which may mean some requests require special approval. If so, PAE will assist you through this process.

Discount Software for staff

Staff Advantage (Free)

Staff can now download and install Microsoft Office for free, on up to five devices. To learn more about the Staff Advantage initiative, please visit the Staff Advantage website (opens in a new window), where you will find guides on how to install Office on your device, details of what to expect in the new Staff Office 365 portal, and FAQs.

Adobe Home Use Agreement

Under the terms and conditions of the University's Adobe Home Use Agreement, University staff are able to buy selected Adobe software packages at significant discounts. Please view the Staff Software Benefits website (opens in a new window) for the details of these terms and conditions, as well as information on how to access the offer.