Multifunction Devices and Laser Printers

Fuji Xerox Australia has been contracted to continue to assist the University with reducing costs and ensuring that all of the University staff have access to quality printing, copying and scanning.

The University is moving away from stand alone laser printers and moving towards networked multifunction devices (MFDs).

Multifunction devices (MFDs) are capable of printing, copying, scanning and faxing documents all from one device. By combining these functions onto one device it saves output costs, space requirements and environmental impacts.

The University, along with Fuji Xerox Australia, has made two models available for your office environment:

Since introducing MFDs the University has saved on servicing, consumables and print / copy costs.

Invoices for Xerox Multifunction Devices are charged monthly through Bilmax to your cost centre, and include the rental for the MFD and a cost per copy for usage. The copy charge includes the toner and service maintenance for the MFD.

Fuji Xerox Multifunction Devices come with an onsite warranty for the life of the contract.

How do I get my consumables?

Printer consumables for your new Xerox MFDs are ordered automatically when the printer reads that they are getting low.

Paper still needs to be ordered by your area. Paper supplies can be obtained through Winc, they offer a Carbon Neutral White A4 Bond, product code: 18774522. This is recommended as other brands may contain excessive amounts of paper dust or moisture which can lead to performance and maintenance issues that will then reduce the life of the MFD.

Quick reference guide

The University and Fuji Xerox Australia have produced Quick Reference Guides for the two available models: