Office of Strategy, Business Development and Procurement

The Office of Strategy, Business Development and Procurement (SBDP) is responsible for developing and leading the Divisional strategy, providing high level strategic, commercial, procurement, financial, governance and project advice. Its focus is on driving the development of agile, adaptive and innovative future proof solutions to increase efficiencies, sustainability and organisational strength through the delivery of new project methodology, new delivery models, new processes and governance protocols that leverage the University’s assets.  Leading the development of strategic and commercial opportunities and benefits for the University, including potential new income streams.

Focused on enhancing the University’s commercial acumen though driving robust and proven governance methodology and enhanced strategic, procurement and commercial acumen and leadership in support of the University’s core strategic, entrepreneurial and organisational direction. Leadership of the transformation and implementation of appropriate policies, systems and capabilities to enhance the performance of the Division and the wider University is a key objective.  These outcomes will enable the development of organisational strategies and action plans that yield real value to the University, businesses and stakeholders.

The team will make a difference by seeking out and encouraging new thinking and influencing current thinking so as to drive new practices that add value.   Methodologies and cultural initiatives that not only re-engineer and re-align current ways of working but also focus efforts around re-imagining are the cornerstone.

The Office of Strategy, Business Development and Procurement is divided into the following key streams of activity:

  • Category Management
  • Procurement Services
  • Commercial Contract Management
    • Establishment of robust commercial and contract management practices across the Division and the University, ensuring robust and effective contract formation and management practices.  Enhancing the protection against commercial risk and developing effective commercial relationships.
  • Strategic Projects
    • Development and progression of a portfolio of strategic University wide projects as well developing and monitoring the Divisions strategic framework and approach and optimisation of the evolution of the Division’s portfolio of activities and services.  Develop, lead and manage programs and projects in conjunction with the other portfolios and areas of the University.
  • Business Development
    • lead the development of service and delivery strategies that continuously improve the Divisions portfolio of service and enhances benefit realisation for the University.  Assist in implementation and monitor progress of projects initiated for the transformation of the Division. Encourage and promote innovation and new ways of thinking, relating and acting – enable re-imaging not just re-inventing and re-aligning.
  • Strategic Management
    • lead and coordinate the development, implementation, monitoring and reporting of strategic and operational plans and budgets for the Division, ensuring the Division’s alignment to the broader University strategic objectives.
  • Governance and Internal Control
    • provide an advanced professional service and advice and contribute to internal control and reporting processes within the Division, encompassing control activities and risk assessments including compliance, operational risks and financial performance, and ensuring these are optimised and understood within the Division. Lead and manage the development and implementation of policy and plans that contribute to the maintenance and improvement of outcomes.

Responsible and Social Procurement

Western Sydney University has an ongoing commitment to advancing gender equality with many initiatives promoting leading business practice. The University is keen to work with suppliers who make a continued effort to improving gender equity in their workplace. Western Sydney University aims to foster and share the same ideals with its prospective partners by encouraging gender equality across the supply chain.

Western Sydney University has received the Employer of Choice citation for the past 17 years and continues to report their compliance to the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012. The University continues to monitor how the outputs and activities it undertakes contributes to greater gender equality and achieve the objectives of the Gender Equality Policy.

As the University moves in 2021, we will continue to support the efforts of the broader community in helping to achieve gender equity across all our collaborations. All strategy, planning, practices and actions will aim to include explicit and systematic consideration of the interests, perspectives needs and priorities of all genders at all levels in all areas of the workplace.

For further information on Western Sydney University’s gender equality initiatives please see the Office of Equity and Diversity webpage or for any matters related to engaging with the university for procurement purposes please contact Office of Strategy, Business Development and Procurement.