HIE Data Management Plan

The eResearch team has collaborated with Intersect to deliver an initial Data Management Plan for the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment (HIE). The plan focuses on data management for the Free Air C02 Experiment (FACE) but also sets the scene for managing the data for the institute as a whole.

Intersect conducted a series of interviews involving HIE researchers, technical officers, administration officers, information technology personnel, the eResearch manager and others and wrote the plan on the basis of the needs identified by these stakeholders.

The plan provides definition and guidance on:

  • Identification of data sources and custodianship
  • Data lifecycle as it pertains to environmental datasets 
  • Data file naming conventions
  • Location of reference copies of data
  • Data security and access control
  • Archival policies and procedures
  • Roles and responsibilities with regard to data management – internal to HIE and external
  • The role of the HIEv application and other software tools

It is expected this plan will need to be reviewed and updated at least annually if not bi-annually.