ANDS MODC16 Project

Western Sydney University's ANDS MODC16 Project will focus on data-discovery and cataloguing of Digital Humanities and Social Science data that will assist in the delivery of the University's Centre for Western Sydney (CWS). CWS will promote widespread and informed policy debate, highlighting academic contributions to public debate through multiple media channels. It will commission white papers that apply University research to persistent regional policy channels in partnership with the public, private and community sector. CWS will become a conduit for the transfer of expert knowledge to application and policy for the region.

The project will deliver an open and accessible multidisciplinary data collection which aligns with two broad themes. These are:

  • Australian Social History – data which relates to historical and cultural aspects of Australia
  • Western Sydney – data which is grounded in the Western Sydney geographical area

These major open data collections will serve the Digital Humanities Research Group as well as other researchers and potential collaborators.

One example is a project titled 'From farms to freeways: Women's memories of Western Sydney', which is a set of oral history interviews accompanied by photographs of the participants. This will be made available in the Omeka platform.