Alveo (opens in a new window) is a virtual laboratory for Human Communication Science (HCS). The project began in late 2012. In essence:

Alveo will connect HCS researchers, their desks, computers, labs, and universities and so accelerate HCS research and produce emergent knowledge that comes from novel application of previously unshared tools to analyse previously difficult to access data sets. Alveo's infrastructure will overcome resource limitations of individual desktops; allow easy access to shared tools and data; and provide the guided use of workflow tools and options to allow researchers to cross disciplinary boundaries.

Alveo will be: 

  • Accessible to non-technical researchers via workflow tools, stored protocols, and interactive GUIs, while retaining capacity for more sophisticated analyses; 
  • Interoperable by incorporating HCS corpora from various platforms (e.g., Windows, Mac OS, Linux) and ensuring compatibility with other with major systems in Australia and internationally by virtue of our product owner's intimate domain knowledge and wide collaborations; and 
  • Sustainable: 13 universities, 3 organisations, and 47 key investigators have provided $423,000 in cash and $1.6M in-kind support for sustained operational development and development of capabilities and reach including future plug-in of additional tools and corpora, and specialist user support well beyond the formal conclusion of Alveo construction.