Current Projects

A large amount of the work that the eResearch team undertakes is project based and designed to establish the infrastructure and organisational culture to foster eResearch. At any one time, our team is working collaboratively with researchers at Western and at other universities and organisations as part of this aim.

Current projects we are involved with include:

  • Alveo: a national collaboration led by Western Sydney University.
  • Cr8it: an application to link working data storage to archival and data sharing services.
  • ADELTA (Australian Directory of Electronic Literature and Text-based Art)
  • The Western Sydney University Research Data Repository project which is now in phase 2 of expanding services for the end-to-end management of research data at the University.
  • ANDS MODC16 Project: creation of a major research data set that will support the Centre for Western Sydney.
  • We are also involved in Research and Development projects.

You can also learn about our Completed Projects