Tools and Collaboration Environments

The eResearch team can help connect researchers with the appropriate tools or collaboration environments they may be seeking in the course of their research. While it is impossible to keep track of all the tools and services that researchers may use, we have compiled a list of those that we receive the most common requests for. 

For a good external list of eResearch tools, please see the DiRT Directory (opens in a new window) run by Project Bamboo in the USA. 

Site Licenses

While there are no constraints on the types of specific applications that may be used or purchased, here at Western Sydney University we have site licenses for some commercial applications that may be of value. The list of site-licensed software changes regularly, please contact ITDS (opens in a new window) about any software you may need.

Additionally, your institute or school may have purchased software specific to your domain.

Analytical Tools

For those who are in the know about research software, the list below will give you a sense of the range of applications that people have used at Western Sydney University. This list is by no means exhaustive.

  • Statistical Tools – SAS (opens in a new window); SPSS (opens in a new window); STATA (opens in a new window);  R  (opens in a new window) and R Studio (opens in a new window); QSR NVIVO (opens in a new window)
  • Simulation, Mapping, Modelling and Imaging – MATLAB (opens in a new window); R (opens in a new window); ESRI ArcGIS (opens in a new window); MapInfo (opens in a new window); Mathcad (opens in a new window); Origin (opens in a new window); LISREL (opens in a new window); Imaris (opens in a new window); GIMP (opens in a new window); SolidWorks (opens in a new window)
  • Programming and Development Environments – Microsoft Visual Studio (opens in a new window); Python (opens in a new window); C/C++

For help with any of the above or other software contact the Service Desk (opens in a new window)

Collaboration Tools

The University offers a general purpose project sharing and document management site, SharePoint 2010 (opens in a new window) – suitable for primarily internal projects.

The eLearning platforms vUWS (opens in a new window) and Blackboard Collaborate (opens in a new window) can also be used in a research context.

For real time group and point-to-point meetings Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout, Polycom video conferencing venues and Polycom Desktop, telephone conferencing, Access Grid (School of Computing, Engineering & Mathematics) are all available.

Application Hosting Environments

Some applications may need to run on computers bigger than a laptop or desktop computer. We can help you find suitable computing environments, whether they are virtual servers on University systems or processing on the state and national high performance computing environments. Please see Computing for more information.