Data Management

As a researcher at Western Sydney University, you have access to help with Data Management for your research project. Visit Data Management and Technology Planning or log a data management request via the ITDS ServiceNow Portal (opens in a new window)

Why is data management important?

Every researcher needs to be concerned with data management throughout the data life cycle and beyond. Through sound data management planning and implementation, a researcher can:

  • Plan for end-to-end data management needs including computational and storage needs.
  • Increase research impact by ensuring data is both preserved and citable.
  • Ensure long-term access of data through well-described and retrievable data sets.
  • Potentially make available data sets for reuse and/or future research projects and collaborations.

What will data management planning do for me?

Data management planning from the outset of a research project will help researchers plan for and articulate the following:

  • Data to be produced
  • Data documentation and metadata (data about the data)
  • Data storage and security needs
  • Ethics, copyright and Intellectual Property
  • Access, sharing and reuse of data
  • Data retention and disposal
  • Preservation and archiving of data.

The University has both a Data Management Checklist (PDF, 117.94 KB) (opens in a new window) and a Data Management Plan (DOCX, 73.08 KB) (opens in a new window) proforma to help guide you through the data management process. Along with REDI, ITDS and the Library, the eResearch team can provide or connect you with the right advice to get you started with your data management plan.