Connect with Services

The eResearch team at Western Sydney University is here to create an environment to support the technical needs of end-to-end data management so that research can thrive. We have worked to develop and promote a set of services and resources across the university that endeavours to support the 'specialised' technical needs researchers experience during the course of their research projects and beyond.

These technical services and resources are in the following areas:

If you can't find the answer to your specific research problem or requirement from the above links, or if you have special requirements, then the eResearch team can consult with you to connect you to a solution tailored to your specific technical problem or requirement.

Contact us for help by logging a job with the IT Service Desk.

When working with research staff and students on their technical problems or requirements that can't be solved by the above mentioned services, the eResearch team follows this simple process:


Once a research technical problem or requirement is received by the eResearch team, we then analyse each individual issue. These problems could range from data storage and management issues, super computing needs through to collaboration tools and software development requirements.


Once the problem has been analysed and the team has a sound understanding of the technical issue at hand, we work to develop a suitable solution for the problem.


Having solved the technical problem or requirement, the eResearch team is then in a position to connect the researcher to the service or resource they require. This may include links back to the Western Sydney University Library for data storage/catalogue facilities or to the Western Sydney University IT Service Desk for computing needs. It may even mean connecting the researchers to outside organisations such as Intersect or ANDS or working collaboratively with the eResearch team on a project.