E&D Working Parties

The Equity and Diversity Working Parties (EDWP) provide a forum for targeted discussion and review of equity and diversity considerations within individual Schools, Divisions and Institutes. These Working Parties will help contextualise key equity and diversity challenges and opportunities with a focus on staff and work related practice, as relevant to each local area. These bodies will also ensure tailored local implementation of equity and diversity policy and strategy across our University.

Equity and Diversity Working Parties will act to ensure equitable and inclusive practice across all areas of our University, reflect our University’s core values, and  align directly with Goal 6: A Dynamic and Innovative Culture that Secures Success in the University’s overarching Securing Success 2018-2020 Strategic Plan.

EDWP Members

All Equity and Diversity Working Party members will be listed below after establishment within each School, Institute and Division.

If you have any concerns within your workplace you are welcome to contact a local Equity and Diversity Working Party member for information and support.

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Briony Laws, Project Support Officer | Office of Equity and Diversity