Western Panel Pledge Signatories

Thank you to the below signatories who have chosen to commit in a practical way to bringing about change in panel gender balance.

1. Professor Barney Glover AO, Vice-Chancellor and President, Office of the Vice-Chancellor and President
2. Michelle Falconer, Senior Manager, Office of Equity and Diversity
3. Associate Professor Susanne Gannon, Director of Program, School of Education
4. Professor Eileen McLaughlin, Dean, Science
5. Jess Huckstadt, Senior Manager, Student Administration, Student Experience Office
6. Anne Murray-Bergan, Director, Registered Training Organisation, The College
7. Dr Caroline Mills, Lecturer, School of Health Sciences- Occupational Therapy
8. Kerry London, Dean, School of Built Environment
9. Dr  Asha Chand, Director International, School of Humanities and Communication Arts
10. Tony Lazzara, Executive Director, Business Intelligence and Performance, Division of the People and Advancement
11. Associate Professor Liza Cubeddu, Associate Professor Biochemistry, Science
12. Sunil Chand, Research Data Officer, REDI
13. David Thompson, Research Media Officer, OMC
14. Professor Tonia Gray, Professor, Centre for Educational Leadership
15. Dr Rosalind Bye, Director of Academic Program - Occupational Therapy, School of Health Sciences
16. Jen Dollin, Senior Manager, Sustainable Futures
17. Angelo Kourtis , Vice-President People and Advancement , People and Advancement Division
18. Patricha Forrest, Principal Executuive Assistant, Office of the Vice-Chancellor and President
19. Dr Shantala Mohan, Director, Research Impact and Integrity, Research and innovation
20. Andrew Leahy, Research Systems Engineer, ITDS
21. Katie Hammill, Senior Lecturer, Science and Health
22. Associate Professor Simon Green, Associate Professor, Health Sciences
23. Huong Tra Duong, Admissions Oficer, Student Administration Office
24. Kristy Coxon, Senior Lecturer, School of Science and Health
25. Dr Nicole Sharp, Lecturer, Occupational Therapy, School of Science and Health
26. Professor Ian Anderson, Director, HIE
27. Brendan Mahoney, First Year Experience Coordinator, The College
28. Nicole Perriman, School Administration Officer Clinical, School of Nursing & Midwifery
29. Lisa Field, Student Administration Officer - Admissions, Student Experience Office
30. Harish Kotwal, Portfolio Services Manager, PMO/F&R
31. Jeremiah Lloyd, Annual Giving Coordinator, Office of Advancement
32. James Kemp, Chief Operating Officer, Translational Health Research Institute
33. Kathy Adam-Cross, Program Coordinator, Talent and Leadership Development
34. Professor Michelle Trudgett, Pro Vice-Chancellor Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Education Strategy and Consultation, SDVC
35. Ms Maegan Baker, Executive Officer, Academic Division
36. Ms Gillian Brown, Program Manager 21C, Office of Learning Futures
37. Professor Gu Fang, Associate Dean, International, School of Computing, Engineering & Mathematics
38. Ms Mariah Constantine Drakoulis, Planning and Design Officer, Estate Planning and Strategy
39. Associate Professor Alphia Possamai-Inesedy, Chair, Academic Senate; Director Sydney City Campus , OGS; SSSP
40. Dr Emma George, Senior Lecturer, Health & Physical Education, School of Health Sciences & THRI
41. Professor Janice Aldrich-Wright, Director of Research, Academic lead of the WSU Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE) initiative, School of Science and Health
42. Dr Kieryn McKay, SAGE Project Coordinator, Office of the DVC and VP (Academic)
43. Dr Kylie A Steel, Senior Lecturer, Science and Health & The MARCS Institute
44. Professor Emma Waterton, Director of Academic Programs, School of Social Sciences
45. Dr Sasha Alexander, DAP Industrial Design Senior Lecturer, SCEM
46. Professor Kate Stevens, Institute Director, MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour & Development

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