Resources and Links

Resources and links for more information on LGBTI inclusivity and support

The following links are just a few of the resources available.
For further information, contact Michelle Falconer (Opens in a new window), Senior Coordinator, Equity and Diversity Unit.

Inclusive workplaces
Pride in Diversity Resources (Opens in a new window)

For Western's people leaders, managers and supervisors see Pride in Diversity's Manager's Guide to LGBTI Workplace Inclusion for advice on how to create an inclusive workplace free from LGBTIQ discrimination and harassment.

Mental health illness and LGBTI community members
Beyond Blue Resources for LGBTI People (Opens in a new window)

Lived experience of sexuality and gender diversity:
TedX Presentation: iO Tillett Wright: Fifty shades of gay (Opens in a new window)

Support for young LGBTIQ people
It Gets Better Project Australia (Opens in a new window)
Chris 180 (Opens in a new window)
Minus 18 (Opens in a new window)

Support for anyone on LGBTIQ issues
Reach LGBTIQ Support Services (Opens in a new window)

Support for Parents, Family and Friends
PFLAG Australia (Opens in a new window)