Ally Training Workshop

The Ally Training workshop aims to provide staff and students with details about the role and expectations of being a University Ally, as well as background information on the diversity of sexual and gender expression, the issues and needs of LGBTIQ staff and students, and concepts such as homophobia and heterosexism.
Refreshments are provided, including a light lunch.

Learning Objectives

This workshop will enable participants to:

  • understand the Ally Program, its aims and purpose
  • have an understanding of what it means to be an Ally at Western Sydney University
  • be aware of the issues faced by the LGBTIQ community
  • awareness of the language/definitions of the LGBTIQ culture
  • understanding of sexual prejudice and heterosexism
  • self-awareness in relation to being an Ally

Upcoming Training Sessions

Monday 13 August 20189:30am - 2:30pmRoom 2.G.03, Bankstown Campus
Thursday 11 October 20189:30am - 2:30pmFrogmore House, Werrington North Campus

To register for Ally Training, staff must do so on MyCareer Online; students need to contact Melinda Blackmore.