Dr Jonathan Vincent, Lecturer, School of Engineering

Dr Jonathan Vincent, Lecturer, School of Engineering and his two childrenMy wife and I both work and we have two children, Matthew 9 and Sophie 7.

When my wife returned to work after the children were born, we were able to get long day care for Matthew and Sophie at Djalaringi Child Care Centre on the campus where I work.

I applied to my Head of School for flexible working arrangements so that I could look after the children in the morning and take them to child care while my wife went off to work early. An agreement was negotiated whereby no classes would be timetabled for me before 10.00am. This agreement worked very well. My wife picked up the children on her way home from work. I started and finished work later but worked the same number of hours.

The children loved the Djalaringi Child Care Centre and having them so close by was great. I could go down and have lunch with them sometimes and see them whenever I needed. Fees could easily be paid through salary sacrifice.

Each year my flexible working arrangements are reviewed with my supervisor and Head of School. I am pleased that they have been so supportive. Flexible hours enable me to get the children ready in the morning and drop them off at school before starting work.  I think that it is important that fathers are more involved in the daily life of their children. The flexible working arrangements I have here at Western Sydney University allow me to spend more time with Matthew and Sophie and it makes all our lives better.