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Multicultural Australia: United, Strong, Successful (Opens in a new window).  Delivered by Dr Sev Ozdowski AM FAICD, Chair of the Australian Multicultural Council, at the launch of Australia's multicultural statement (Opens in a new window), Canberra, Parliament House, 20 March 2017.


Relevance of Australian Immigration and Multicultural Experience to Poland and Contemporary Europe. Published by Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland. ISBN 978-83-63047-95-5.

Racism, Equality and Civil Liberties in a Multicultural Australia. In Globalisation, Human Rights Education and Reforms (Opens in a new window). pp. 187-220. ISBN 978-94-024-0870-6, Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht.

How Australians are dealing with immigration problems - Sugar on the table (Interview in Polish). Jak Australijczycy radzą sobie z problemem migracji - Cukier na stole (PDF, 249.98 KB) (Opens in a new window). Marek Ostrowski's interview with Dr Sev Ozdowski published in Polish weekly magazine "Polityka" in Warsaw, 12 July 2016.


Australia on Multiculturalism (Opens in a new window). Interview in Nation Branding / Australia. April 2015, pp 52-54. Published by Inter Media Japan K.K

Moss Review released. ON Line Opinion (Opens in a new window), 24 March 2015.

Fraser was a prodigious supporter of human rights. ON Line Opinion (Opens in a new window), 23 March 2015.

Human rights education in Australia (opens in a new window). In Zajda, J. (Ed.), Second international handbook on globalisation, education and policy research, pp 537-555. Dordrecht Springer.


Australian multiculturalism now. ON Line Opinion (Opens in a new window), 29 December 2014.

Racism in Australia: Our Past, Present and Future. Racial Prejudice and Discrimination. pp. 38-40, edited by Justin Healey. ISBN 9781922084415. The Spinney Press.

Human Rights Education in Australia. In J. Zajda (Ed.), The New international handbook of globalisation, education and policy research. Dordrecht Springer.

Polska – Australia – "Solidarność". Spoken biography of Dr Sev Ozdowski (in Polish) by Patryk Pleskot.

Proposed Changes to Racial Vilification Laws. Submission to Human Rights Policy Branch, Attorney-General's Department, 28 April 2014.

Developments in Human Rights Education in Australia, Sev Ozdowski and Nina Burridge, to be published by Asia-Pacific Human Rights Information Center (HURIGHTS OSAKA) (Opens in a new window).

Kids in detention: new AHRC inquiry. ON Line Opinion (Opens in a new window), 7 February 2014.


Fourth International Conference on Human Rights Education (Opens in a new window), Shiow Duan Hawang and Sev Ozdowski, FOCUS December 2013 Volume 74.

Appointment of Mr Tim Wilson as Human Rights Commissioner. ON Line Opinion (Opens in a new window), 23 December 2013.

Australian Multiculturalism. The Roots of its Success. Promoting Changes in Times of Transition and Crisis: Reflections on Human Rights Education. pp. 109–136, Edited by K Mazur, P Musiewicz & B Szlachta, ISBN 978-83-7638 365-1. Ksiegarnia Akademicka (Opens in a new window): Krakow.

Commission missing in action when it comes to human rights. The Australian (Opens in a new window), 17 June 2013, and ON LINE Opinion (Opens in a new window), 18 June 2013.

University of Western Sydney Equity and Diversity Strategic Action Plan 2013-2018. UWS Press, March 2013.


Fighting Racism and Discrimination in Multicultural Australia. FECCA's Mosaic, 2012.

University of Western Sydney, Australia - a Case Study in Equity and Diversity. (in print – Council of Europe), 2012.

Submission to Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers, Sydney 16 July 2012.

Underperforming Governments Should be Afraid (Opens in a new window). ON LINE Opinion, 26 June 2012.

PM should revisit Howard's Pacific Solution (Opens in a new window). The Australian, 3 June 2012.

Twenty years after mandatory detention, kids still being detained (Opens in a new window). ON LINE Opinion, 29 May.

Free Children in Detention (Opens in a new window). The Australian, p. 14, 25 May 2012.

Human rights and the Beijing Olympics. Activating Human Rights and Peace Theories, Practices and Contexts, pp. 119-141. Edited by Goh Bee Chen, Baden Offord & Rob Garbutt; Ashgate Publishing, England, 2012.

Asylum seekers – the solution (Opens in a new window). ON LINE Opinion, 11 January 2012.

Australia - Emergence of a Modern Nation Built on Diversity and `Fair Go' (Opens in a new window). Political Crossroads, Vol. 19(1), pp. 25-46, 2012.


Real Solution is Asia-Pacific Pact (Opens in a new window). The Australian, p. 12, 26 December 2011.

High Court Decision A Chance for Refugee Rethink (Opens in a new window). The Australian, 29 September 2011.

'Child Detention – A Festering Sore (Opens in a new window), The Australian, p. 14, 16 April 2011.

University of Western Sydney Disability Action Plan 2011-2015. UWS Press, 2011.  (Succeeded by the Accessibility Action Plan 2018-2020) (Opens in a new window)


If we're going to teach ethics in schools, let's do it properly (Opens in a new window) . The Punch, 5 November 2010.


An Absence of Human Rights: Children in Detention (PDF, 420Kb) (Opens in a new window) . Political Crossroads, Vol. 16(2), pp. 39-72, 2009.

Human Rights and the Beijing Olympics . Political Crossroads, Vol. 16(1), pp. 51-74, 2009.

Submission to The National Human Rights Consultation Committee (Opens in a new window). National Human Rights Consultation Committee, June 2009.

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Sixty years of Human Rights (Opens in a new window). ON LINE Opinion, 10 December 2008.

Abusing the Olympic Spirit (Opens in a new window). ON LINE Opinion, 25 July 2008.

Submission (and oral evidence) to Inquiry into Immigration Detention in Australia by the Joint Standing Committee on Migration, Sydney, 24 October 2008.


Access, Inclusion and Success: Muslim Students in Australian Universities, Co-edited jointly with Joseph Zajda, Australian Catholic University in Political Crossroads, Vol. 14(1), pp. 33-35, 2007.

Why We Need an Australian Bill of Rights Now (Opens in a new window), Just Policy: A Journal of Australian Social Policy, No. 43, pp. 22-25, April 2007.

Protecting Democracy in Australia. Independent Education, pp. 30-31, March 2007.

Human Rights and Mental Health, in New Paradigm. The Australian Journal of Psychological Rehabilitation. Special Issue, Melbourne, pp. 55-62, March 2007.

What Kind of Australia Do We Want? ACTU Journal, Melbourne, 2007.


Right to Representation, Hoyroyd Journal, Edinburgh, March 2006.

Discrimination in employment on the basis of criminal record (Opens in a new window). Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) Report, Sydney, February 2006.


WORKability II: Solutions. People with Disability in the Open Workplace. Final Report of the National Inquiry into Employment and Disability". HREOC Report, December 2005.

Time for governments to act on mental health care (Opens in a new window). Health Sociology Review. 14(3), p. 203, 2005.

Rights of Passage; dialogue with young Australians about human rights (Opens in a new window) , HREOC report, Sydney, 23 November 2005.

"Human Rights: A Report Card for Australia in Political Crossroads. Vol. 12(3), pp. 71-88, 2005.

Mental Health: the Problem is Clear and so is the Solution (Opens in a new window). The Canberra Times, 21 October 2005.

Disability and diversity, disparity, ACROD Autumn, Canberra, 2005.

Not for Service. Experiences of injustice and despair in mental health care in Australia (Opens in a new window), MHCA, BMRI and HREOC report, Sydney, August 2005.

WORKability – People with Disability in the Open Workplace, Report of the National Inquiry into Employment and Disability (Opens in a new window), HREOC, Sydney, August 2005.Letter(Opens in a new window) to the The Australian, 6 April 2005.

Discrimination in employment on the basis of criminal record (Opens in a new window). HREOC Report, Sydney, February 2005.

Emigrant troche z wyboru, troche z przymusu. Forum Polonijne, Nr 1 (66), pp. 24-25, Lublin, Poland, 2005.


A last resort? Children in Immigration Detention (Opens in a new window). Courier Mail and the Newcastle Herald, 10 June 2004.

A last resort? Report of the National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention (PDF, 6.8MB) (Opens in a new window). HREOC, Sydney, May 2004.

Immigration Detention: The Current Position. Around the Globe, Vol. 1(1), Monash Institute for the Study of Global Movements, Melbourne, pp. 20-29, April 2004.

A last resort? Report of the National inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention. Alternative Law Journal Vol. 29(5), 2004.

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The content of an Australian Bill of Rights. Australian Journal of Human Rights, Vol. 9(1), University of NSW, Sydney, pp. 29-43, 2003.

Preparation for the Olympics and Paralympics and Inclusion of People with Disabilities: the Australian Experience (Opens in a new window). China Society Journal for Human Rights Studies Vol. 2(4), Beijing, China, 2003.

Religious Hatred in Australia – Are We Protected? Australian Mosaic, Issue 2, Autumn, Canberra, 2003.

Human Rights and the War against Terrorism (Opens in a new window). Opinion piece, November 2003.

Don't judge what I can do by what you think I can't: Ten Years of Achievements using Australia's Disability Discrimination Act (Opens in a new window), HREOC Report, Sydney, March 2003.

Human Rights and Immigration Detention in Australia. UNHCR Discussion Paper No. 1, Canberra, January 2003.

A Busy Decade. disparity, ACROD Winter, Canberra, 2003.

Disability Discrimination Legislation: History, Achievements and Prospects. Access, The National Disability Issues Journal, Melbourne, pp. 13-18, June/July 2003.


The Australian Experience with Tribunals, Commissions and Ombudsmen. Collection of papers of Sino-Australian Seminar on Alternative Dispute Resolution and Modern Rule of Law, Beijing, China, 20 November 2002.

A Report on Visits to Immigration Detention Facilities (Opens in a new window), HREOC, Sydney, October 2002.

Addressing Age Discrimination (Opens in a new window). Reform, A Journal of National and International Law Reform, Spring 2002, Issue 1, Sydney, pp. 11-88.


Building bridges over the digital divide (Opens in a new window). Follow up report on progress since e-commerce report. HREOC Sydney, November 2001.

Annual Reports 2000-2005, Reports on Commissioner activities (Human Rights and Disability Discrimination), HREOC Sydney.


Post-war Polish refugees (Opens in a new window). (Jan Lencznarowicz – co-author), chapter in James Jupp (editor) Encyclopedia of Australian People, second edition, Canberra, pp. 623-625, 2000.


Access to Services in South Australia, Office of Multicultural and International Affairs, Adelaide, 2000.

Strategic Plan, Office of Multicultural and International Affairs, Adelaide, 1998.


Australian National Identity. The Republic, p.7,  Warsaw, Poland, 1997.


Numerous articles on multiculturalism, immigration and international affairs published in Multicultural Life, Adelaide, 1996-1999.

Annual Reports, Office of Multicultural and International Affairs, (OMIA) Adelaide, 1996-1999.

Commonwealth government consultations with Australian South Sea Islander communities in Queensland and Northern New South Wales: report on consultations conducted in January-February 1996. Corowa, Carmelia & Ozdowski, Sev A & Steen, Frederika & Australia. Dept. of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, Canberra, 1996.


2001: A report from Australia. A report to the Council of Australian Governments by the Centenary of Federation Advisory Committee, (co-author) Canberra, 1994.

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Ideologia to luksus. Wiez, 1(117) styczen, p. 55 , Warszawa, Poland, 1968.

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