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Human Rights as an Instrument of Social Cohesion in South Asia. (Opens in a new window)  Delivered at the "Identifying Challenges, Assessing Progress, Moving Forward: Addressing Impunity and Realizing Human Rights in South Asia" Conference, Kathmandu, Nepal, April 9-11 2018.


Importance of Heritage Languages to Australia’s Social and Economic Future . (Opens in a new window)  Delivered at the Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia (FECCA) 2017 National Biennial Conference, Darwin, 8-10 October 2017.


Reclaiming Australian Multiculturalism: policy and practice in a shifting landscape (PDF, 61.43 KB) (Opens in a new window). Delivered at the Canberra Multicultural Community Forum Leader's Reception, Albert Hall, Canberra, 8 September 2016.

Australian Multiculturalism (PDF, 366.41 KB) (Opens in a new window). Address to the Sydney Institute, Australia's multiculturalism – success or not? 9 March 2016. Listen to Podcast (opens in a new window)

Relevance of Australian Immigration and Multicultural Experience to Poland and Contemporary Europe (PDF, 1553.74 KB) (Opens in a new window). Paper delivered at the Conference on "Immigration and Multiculturalism in XXI Century. The Case of Poland" organised by Collegium Historicum, the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland, 17-18 February 2016.


Welcome Remarks (PDF, 60.75 KB) (opens in a new window). 6th International Human Rights Education Conference. Middelburg, The Netherlands, 17 December 2015.

Welcome Wall Address (PDF, 19.12 KB) (opens in a new window). Delivered at the Unveiling Ceremony of names added to the Welcome Wall of the Australian National Maritime Museum, Pyrmont Wharf, Sydney on 6 December 2015. See also YouTube video of the Unveiling Ceremony (opens in a new window).

Legislating Multiculturalism – A Case for a National Multicultural Act? FECCA National Conference, 5-6 November 2015. Published in "Australian Mosaic" (opens in a new window), p. 25-27.


Racism, Equality and Civil Liberties in a Multicultural Australia (PDF, 391.13 KB) (Opens in a new window). 5th International Conference on Human Rights Education, "Advancing UNiversal Human Rights Culture", Washington DC, 4-6 December 2014.


Multiculturalism, Human Rights and Democracy – the Case of Australia. Keynote address at the 4th International Human Rights Education Conference: Global Convergence and Local Practice: The Scope and Depth of Human Rights Education Re-examined. Centre for the Study of Human Rights, Soochow University, Taipei from 21–26 November 2013.

Developments in Human Rights Education Nationally and Internationally. National Human Rights Conciliation, Legal & Education Officers Conference Program, Canberra, 24-25 October 2013.

"Heritage and participation in a new society - a personal journey". Sydney 2013 Quo Vadis Conference "Connecting Tomorrow's Future", Rydges Hotel, 4-6 October 2013.

True acceptance of diversity - Is awareness enough? Keynote Address at Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities (CALD) Conference, Melbourne, 9–10 May 2013.


Australian Multiculturalism: the roots of its success, Keynote Address delivered to the Third International Conference on Human Rights Education "Promoting Change in Times of Transition and Crisis". Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland 6-10 December 2012.

Australian Delegate to the Council of Europe Conference on "Human Rights and Democracy in Action - Looking Ahead: The impact of the Council of Europe Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education", The Agora Building, Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France 28-30 November 2012.

Australia – emergence of a modern nation built on diversity and 'fair go'. National Mediation Conference 2012 "Emerging dynamics in mediation - new thinking, new practices, new relationships" Sydney, 11-13 September 2012.

Education is the Rock on Which Community Capacity is Built. Paper presented at the Second National Settlement Conference 'Creating Our Future', Adelaide 27-29 June 2012.

University of Western Sydney, Australia - a Case Study in Equity and Diversity. Presented at the Conference: "Reimagining Democratic Societies: a New Era of Personal and Social Responsibility?" Oslo on 27–29 June 2011.

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Human Rights Priorities. Paper presented at FECCA Conference, Adelaide, 16-18 November 2011.

Racism in Australia: Our Past, Present and Future. FECCA Conference, Adelaide, 16-18 November 2011.

Protecting People with Disabilities – Comparison between South Africa and Australia. Paper presented at the Second International Conference on Human Rights Education, Durban, South Africa, 14-16 November 2011.

Women's Rights – Some comparisons between Australia & Uganda. Paper presented at  the Women's Forum for Peace and Development Promoting Gender Equality, Prevention of GBV and Advancing Integration of Peace and Human Rights Education in School Curricula,  Kampala, Uganda 18-22 October 2011.


Convenor, First International Conference on Human Rights Education, University of Western Sydney Parramatta Campus, 4-6 November 2010.


Prof George Zubrzycki's Work in the Area of Multicultural Affairs, Refugee Policy and with the Polish Community. Memorial Speech, Menzies Library, ANU, 20 November 2010.

Benefits of Cultural Diversity. RailCorp CLAD Forum, Sydney Masonic Centre, 11 November 2010.

"Human Rights Protection in Australia". Paper presented at FECCA Conference in Shepparton, 29 October 2010.


Changing Australia's Human Rights Culture, W(h)ither Human Rights? The 25th Annual Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand Conference, The University of Sydney, 10-12 December 2008.

Enforcing Human Rights in Australia: Challenges and Opportunities. Amnesty International NSW Legal Network Seminar, Sydney 2 December 2008.

Mental Health and Human Rights. Pathways. Disability in post-compulsory Education Conference, Melbourne 2-5 December 2008.

The Current Changes to the Refugee Law in Australia. UTS Refugee Speakers Forum; Sydney, 20 October 2008.

Mental Health and Human Rights (Opens in a new window). Anglicare Canberra Goulbourn Litmus Program Launch, Canberra, 9 October 2008.

Mental Health, Human Rights and Inclusive Workplace in a Multicultural Australia (Opens in a new window). Keynote address to the Anglicare Conference "Opportunities not Vulnerabilities; An Australian Agenda for Social Inclusion, Sydney 1-3 September 2008.

Inaugural Alumni Lecture "Social Work and Changing the National Agenda", The University of Western Australia Social Work Alumni Fund, Perth, 27 July 2008.

11th Commemoration of Srebrenica Address. World Congress of the Bosnian Herzegovina Diaspora, Sydney, 10 July 2008.

Human Rights and the Beijing Olympic. Keynote address delivered at The Activating Human Rights and Peace International Conference, Byron Bay, 1-4 July 2008.

The Contribution by Refugees to Australia.  Address at the Social Justice Network Function to celebrate World Refugees Day, Lidcombe, 20 June 2008.

An absence of human rights: Children in Immigration Detention. Keynote at the Human Rights Law and Policy Conference, Marriott Hotel, Melbourne, 16–17 June 2008.

The Beijing Olympic Torch Odyssey. Speech for the Foreign Correspondents Club, MLC Centre, Martin Place, Sydney, 22 April 2008.

Protection of Human Rights in China. Paper delivered at "The International Forum: Human Rights in China and 2008 Olympics", in Taipei, Taiwan, on 21 February 2008.

The 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 2008.

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Mental Health, Human Rights and minorities in Australia (Opens in a new window). Conference on Cultural Approaches to Health Care: Exploring Mental Health and Wellbeing at Bankstown Campus, University of Western Sydney, 28 November 2007.

Olympics 2008 and Human Rights in China. Olympic Human Rights Torch Relay in Sydney, 27 October 2007.

Australian Citizenship and Prejudice. Immigrants as Citizens: Trans Nationalism and Incorporation as Future Directions in Turkish Relations with Australia, Europe and North America Conference, The University of Sydney, 6 October 2007.

Human Rights in China. APEC Protest at Hyde Park, Sydney, 6 September 2007.

Do we need a Bill of Rights? Dr Haneef and Human Rights. UWS Human Rights Forum, Parramatta, 20 August 2007.

11th Commemoration of Srebrenica Address. World Congress of the Bosnian Herzegovina Diaspora, Sydney, 10 July 2007.


Inaugural Alumni Oration "Social Work and Changing the National Agenda", the University of Western Australia Social Work Alumni Fund, Perth, 27 July 2006.

Multiculturalism and Contemporary Australia. The Fair Go Forum held at Edmond Rice Centre, UTS, Sydney on 15 June 2006.

Multicultural Australia – it's Past and the Future. Multicultural Education Committee Conference held in Adelaide on 28 March 2006.

How Human Rights are protected in Australia? (Opens in a new window). Presented at the Law Faculty, University of Warsaw, 15 March 2006.

Human Rights and Mental Health in Australia (Opens in a new window) International Seminar 'Making the Connection: Human Rights and Mental Health", the British Council, Edinburgh, 5-8 March 2006.

The Australian System of Protection of Rights of People with Disabilities – the Laws and Practices (Opens in a new window). National Conference on Disabled Rights, Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka, Colombo, 22-24 February 2006.


Democracy, Human Rights & Social Issues (Opens in a new window). Human Rights, Mental Health & Anti-Terror Laws in Australia Conference, Mitchell Theatre, Sydney Mechanic's School of Arts, Discrimination and Anti-Terror Laws: "Democracy, Human Rights & Social Issues" by Dr Sev Ozdowski OAM, Australian Human Rights Commissioner, 2 December 2005.

Providing Access to All (Opens in a new window). Kuringai Municipal Council - Launch of new access policy and DDA action plan, 2 December 2005.

Launch of Rights of Passage: A Dialogue with Young Australians about Human Rights (Opens in a new window). Sydney, Tuesday 29 November 2005.

Opportunity knocks: Workers with a disability (Opens in a new window). University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, 24 November 2005.

Deafness forum of Australian 2005 Captioning Awards (Opens in a new window). North Ryde, 12 November 2005.

Mental health – The Forgotten Disability. Transforming Disability: Community Inclusion, Employment and Innovative Reform Conference, Centre for Public Policy, Melbourne University, 9 November 2005.

Round table on Disability Action Plans with State Government Departments (Opens in a new window). Hobart, 3 November 2005.

Young People and Their Awareness of Human Rights (Opens in a new window), UNAA National Action Plan Forum, Hobart, 4 November 2005.

What a Bill of Rights could deliver for Australia (Opens in a new window). Don Chipp Foundation Defending Democracy Public Forum, 19 October, NSW Parliament, Sydney 2005.

Launch: Not for Service (Opens in a new window). Brain and Mind Research Institute, University of Sydney, 19 October 2005.

ACFID Awards Night Presentation (Opens in a new window), Canberra Friday 7 October 2005.

Mental health is a human rights issue (Opens in a new window). 3rd National Conference on Human Rights and Mental Health, Parliament House, Canberra, 8 September 2005.

Opportunity Knocks: Workers with a Disability (Opens in a new window). Diversity Council Australia 20th Anniversary Conference, Sydney, 7 September 2005.

Focusing on Futures: Employment and Disability (Opens in a new window). Macarthur Disability Services Annual PSO, ATLAS & Day Services State Conference, 6 September, Sydney 2005.

Advancing equality in education and beyond (Opens in a new window). Eastern Metropolitan Region Student Disability Conference, Melbourne, 1 September 2005.

Mental Health, Social Inclusion and Citizenship Awards (Opens in a new window). Mental Health, Social Inclusion and Citizenship Conference, Adelaide , 31 August 2005.

Human Rights in Australia, Their Protection and Resolution Through the Law (Opens in a new window), Chartered Arbitrators Institute and Victorian Bar Seminar, Owen Dixon Chambers, Melbourne, 20 July 2005.

National Inquiry into Disability and Employment (Opens in a new window). Presentation to the DEWR Employer Roundtable, Melbourne, 13 July 2005.

Mental Health and Human Rights in Regional Australia in 2005 (Opens in a new window). Small Towns Conference, Centre for Sustainable Regional Communities, La Trobe University, Bendigo, 11 July 2005.

Genocide in Bosnia Herzegovina, 10th Commemoration 'Srebrenica 11 July', Victoria University Lecture Theatre, Footscray, 1 July 2005.People with Disabilities and productive diversity in the Australian Public Service(Opens in a new window). Australian Public Service Commission one-day diversity conference, Brisbane, 8 June 2005.

Response to Dr Alison Broinowski oration 'Adolescent or geriatric? The future of the United Nations? (Opens in a new window). Sydney Peace Foundation and AIIA, Sydney University, 19 May 2005. Mental Health and Human Rights; the state of play in 2005 (Opens in a new window). Comprehensive Area Psychiatrists Special Interest Group, Rozelle Hospital, 17 May 2005.

Genocide in Rwanda (Opens in a new window). 11th Anniversary of Rwandan Genocide Memorial, 30 April, Sydney 2005.Meeting with Deafness Forum of Australia(Opens in a new window). Lawson NSW, 30 April 2005.

Healthy Solutions for Children: Making the Right Choice (Opens in a new window). Association for the Welfare of Child Health (AWCH) 2005 Conference, Parramatta Carlton Hotel 28-29 April 2005.

Young People and Human Rights Dialogue (Opens in a new window). Pre-Dinner Conference Address at the Youth Affairs Network Queensland (YANQ) Biennial State Youth Affairs Conference, Brisbane, Thursday 21 April 2005.

Values of Contemporary Australian Society and their Impact on the Preservation and Defence of Human Rights and Social Justice (Opens in a new window), Dialogue Australasia Network National Conference, Values Education – Relevance and Rigor, Newington College, Sydney, 13-15 April 2005.

National Inquiry into Disability and Employment: Roundtable 1. Opening remarks (Opens in a new window). Sydney, 31 March 2005. See also Inquiry Index page (Opens in a new window).

Child Migrants and Human Rights in our Time (Opens in a new window), 4th World Congress on Family Law and Children's Rights, Cape Town, South Africa, 20-23 March 2005.


The Draft United Nations Convention on Rights of People with Disabilities. Annual General Meeting of People with Disability Australia, Sydney, 27 November 2004.

Employment of People with Disability. ACROD National Convention, Sydney, 24 November 2004.

Reflections On Mental Health Post Parliamentary Tabling Of 'A Last Resort?'. Health & Wellbeing of Refugees & Asylum Seekers Conference, University of Melbourne, 15 November 2004.

Missed Business. Access to Premises Guide - Marrickville Council, Sydney, 29 October 2004.

Risky business? Occupational Health and Safety and the Disability Discrimination Act.  Employers Making a Difference (EMAD) Seminar, Sydney, 27 October 2004.

Disability Discrimination Developments.  Australian Industry Group National PIR (Personnel and Industrial Relations) Conference, Canberra, 26 October 2004.

Human Rights: A Report Card for Australia and Tasmania (Opens in a new window). Address to the United Nations Human Rights Conference University of Tasmania, Hobart 21-23 October 2004.

Mental Health Reform in South Australia. Australian Nurses Federation (SA), Adelaide, 19 October 2004.

Accessing Abilities Strategy for WA. Perth, 15 September 2004.

Australian Human Rights – Inside And Outside The Wire (Opens in a new window). Address to the National Press Club, Canberra, 25 August 2004.

Participation by People with Disabilities. Disability Enterprises Annual Meeting, Leura, 30 July 2004.

Long-term Immigration Detention and Children's Mental Health. XXIV World Congress of OMEP Melbourne, 24 July 2004.

Refugees in the contemporary world. World Refugee Day 2004 (Opens in a new window). Brisbane Rally – 19 June 2004 and the Canberra Rally – 20 June 2004.

Human Rights in Contemporary Australia. Doctor of Social Science Honoris Causa Acceptance (Opens in a new window). RMIT University Honorary Awards Conferring Ceremony, Melbourne, 7 May 2004.

Armenia to Rwanda - Genocide in the 20th Century - Has humanity learnt anything? (Opens in a new window). Armenian Genocide Commemorative Lecture, NSW Parliament Theatrette, 29 April 2004.

The local face of global justice policy (Opens in a new window). Lecture to the RMIT students of the Department of Justice and Youth Studies, Melbourne, 16 April 2004.

International Convention on Disability and Human Rights. ANU Workshop, Canberra, 25 March 2004.

Working Group on Human Rights Education Report (Opens in a new window). Twelfth Workshop on Regional Cooperation for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in the Asia-Pacific Region, Consultation of Non-Governmental Actors Doha, Qatar, 1 March 2004.


The Importance of Australian Community in Protection of Human Rights during the War against Terrorism (Opens in a new window). Human Rights: New Paradigms and new Responsibilities Conference held at the University of Technology, Sydney, 5 December 2003.

Telecommunication in Service of people with Disabilities. HREOC Telecommunications Forum. Parliament House, Canberra, 28 November 2003.

Australian Multiculturalism. 8th Asia Pacific Conference on Education and Culture, University of Adelaide, 14-16 November 2003.

Long-term immigration detention and mental health (Opens in a new window). Diversity in Health 2003, Sydney, 27-29 October 2003.

Human Rights as a secular guide to to community relations (Opens in a new window). "Poverty & Power - What makes you rich, what makes you poor" Mornington Peninsula Shire Conference, 21 October 2003.

Immigration Detention - the Current Position (Opens in a new window). Monash Institute for the Study of Global Movements, Monash University, Clayton Campus, 10 October 2003.

The Clash Of Civilisations - How The Contemporary International Environment Teaches Us To Better Manage Diversity In Australia (Opens in a new window). Managing Diversity Conference, Melbourne, 3 October 2003.

The Clash Of Civilisations - How The Contemporary International Environment Teaches Us To Better Manage Diversity In Australia.  Managing Diversity Conference Proceedings, October, Darebin

Long-term detention and mental health (Opens in a new window). ANZAPPL Annual Congress, Fremantle, Western Australia , September 2003.

Human Rights of Carers. Carers Australia National Conference, Canberra, 18 September 2003.

Human Rights in Multicultural Australia. CISME Seminar, University of Adelaide, 16 September 2003.

What makes a National Human Rights Institution Independent and Why should we care? (Opens in a new window). 18th Biennial Conference of Lawasia, Tokyo, Japan, 1-5 September 2003.

Human Rights Protection System in Australia (Opens in a new window). Kyoto Bar Association, Japan, 5 September 2003.

Opening the doors to employment of more people with a disability. ACROD Employment Forum, Sydney Olympic Park, 31 July 2003.

Local Government - gatekeepers to a more accessible community. National Local Government Community Services Conference - Just and Vibrant Communities, Townsville, 28 July 2003.

The Relevance of Human Rights in Contemporary Australia (Opens in a new window). Activating Human Rights and Diversity Conference, Byron Bay, 1-4 July 2003.

Children and the Law: Issues in the Asia Pacific Region (Opens in a new window). Lawasia Conference, Brisbane, 20 June 2003.

Human Rights of Children and Young People.  National Conference on Young People in Nursing Homes, Melbourne, 17 June 2003.

Promoting the rights of people with disabilities: Towards a new United Nations Convention.  International Workshop for National Human Rights Institutions from the Commonwealth and Asia-Pacific Region, New Delhi, India, 26-29 May 2003.

Statement (Opens in a new window). Item 18(b): National Institutions and Regional Arrangements. 59th Session of the Commission on Human Rights, Geneva 14-17 April 2003.

Long-term detention and mental health (Opens in a new window). 2nd Public Health Association of Australia, Brisbane, 2 April 2003.

Human Rights Observance in Australia. 59th Session of the Commission on Human Rights, Geneva, Switzerland , April 2003.

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DDA tenth anniversary award (Opens in a new window). Human rights awards ceremony, Sydney, 10 December 2002.

A Charter of Citizen's Rights - Will this benefit Multiculturalism in Australia? (Opens in a new window). 2002 FECCA National Conference on Setting the Agenda for a Multicultural Australia, Canberra, 5-7 December 2002.

Disability Discrimination in Service Provision (Opens in a new window).  2nd Victorian state conference for disability direct support workers: Opening address, Melbourne, 28 November 2002.

Disability and human rights (Opens in a new window). NSW Local Government and Shires Association Conference: Without Prejudice, Ryde, 14 November 2002.

Disability Discrimination in Education (Opens in a new window). Seminar on equal opportunity in higher education, University of Southern Queensland, 12 November 2002.

The Australian Experience with Tribunals, Commissions and Ombudsmen. Sino-Australian Seminar on Alternative Dispute Resolution and The Modern Rule of Law, Beijing, November 2002.

The rights of the child and international human rights law (Opens in a new window). 1st International Congress on Child Migration, New Orleans, 29 October 2002.

Advancing Access for People with Deafness (Opens in a new window).  Deafness Forum of Australia annual general meeting, Sydney, 19 October 2002.

Long-term detention and mental health (Opens in a new window). 1st iMHLP International Mental Health Development Conference, Victoria, 18 October 2002.

The human rights of vulnerable children in Australia (Opens in a new window).  9th National Conference of the Association for the Welfare of Child Health: "Healthy Justice for Children and Young People", Sydney, 10 October 2002.

Treatment of Asylum Seekers in Contemporary Australia (Opens in a new window). Waverley Council's Refugee Week, Waverley Library Theatrette, Sydney, 9 October 2002.

Asylum Seekers (Opens in a new window). Great Lakes Rural Australians for Refugees Group, Forster High School, 2 October 2002.

Human rights and people with intellectual disabilities: where to from here? (Opens in a new window). Inclusion International Congress, Melbourne, 24 September 2002.

Lessons from the UN Special Session on Children (Opens in a new window).  Association of Childrens Welfare Agencies Conference, Sydney, 3 September 2002.

Addressing Discrimination against DeafBlind People (Opens in a new window). 6th National DeafBlind Conference Sydney, 12 July 2002.

Launch of Workcover South Australia Disability Action Plan (Opens in a new window). Adelaide, 4 July 2002.

The Content of an Australian Bill of Rights (Opens in a new window). 2002 Bill of Rights Conference, Sydney, 21 June 2002.

Launch of "disparity": a journal of policy, practice and argument (Opens in a new window). Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 22 May 2002.

Monitoring Implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child: challenges for Australia (Opens in a new window). PLAN International Australia conference, Sydney, 17 April 2002.

E-Commerce Without Discrimination (Opens in a new window). Launch of banking industry accessibility standards, 15 April 2002.

Implementing Economic & Social Rights in Australia. Centre for Intercultural Studies & Multicultural Education, Adelaide University, Adelaide, 21 March 2002.

Asylum Seekers – Human Rights Issues. Governor's Leadership Foundation Seminar, Adelaide, 9 April 2002.

Disability discrimination legislation in Australia from an international human rights perspective: History, achievements and prospects (Opens in a new window). Social Relations of Disability Network seminar, University of NSW, 8 April 2002.

Presentation of certificate of recognition to National Australia Bank (Opens in a new window). 
Dr Sev Ozdowski O.A.M., Acting Disability Discrimination Commissioner, Melbourne, 19 February 2002.

Human Rights - A Challenge for Australia (Opens in a new window). National Press Club, Canberra, 6 February 2002.


Detention of Asylum Seekers: Key Themes (Opens in a new window). "The Refugee Convention - Where to from here?" University of New South Wales, 6-9 December 2001.

The Disability Discrimination Act as a Tool for Change in Australia. HREOC Summit for Peak Disability Organisations, Sydney, 4 December 2001.

Opening of Australian Human Rights Commission's Summit For Peak Disability Organisations In Australia (Opens in a new window). Sydney, 4 December 2001.

International day for people with disabilities 2001 (Opens in a new window). Alice Springs, 3 December 2001.

Protection of Human Rights in Australia. 2nd National Conference on Reconciliation, Multiculturalism, Immigration and Human Rights, RMIT University, Geelong, 1 December2001.

Discrimination, a Stocktake and Quo Vadis? Equal Opportunity Practitioners in Higher Education Australasia (EOPHEA) Conference, Australian National University, Canberra, 30 November 2001.

Equal employment opportunity for people with disabilities: how to move from the theoretical to the actual (Opens in a new window). Equal Opportunity Practitioners in Higher Education Australasia, 30 November 2001.

Human Rights in Contemporary Australia (Opens in a new window). United Nations Association of Australia - Human Rights Seminar: Human Rights from the Perspective of Individual, Collective and Corporate Responsibilities, Tasmania, 17 November 2001.

Addressing Age Discrimination: the Need for Legislation (Opens in a new window). Council on the Ageing National Congress, Canberra, 13 November 2001.

Address on Issues around racism in Australia (Opens in a new window). National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters Council, Melbourne, 9 November 2001.

Acting locally against disability discrimination (Opens in a new window). 
Presentation of Certificate of Recognition, Barossa Council, 29 October 2001.

Launch of Give Me Shelter (Opens in a new window). Launch of Give Me Shelter for the South Australian Council of Churches, Adelaide, 28 October 2001.

The Human Rights of Mentally Ill People: Australian Human Rights Commission inquiry and after (Opens in a new window). Mental Health, Criminal Justice and Corrections conference, Marrickville, 19 October 2001.

Building an Australia Fit for Children (Opens in a new window). 8th National Conference of the Association for the Welfare of Child Health (AWCH), Sydney, 11 October 2001.

Human Rights In Contemporary Australia (Opens in a new window). Law Conference, New Zealand, 4-8 October 2001.

Human rights in Australia with particular reference to freedom of religion (Opens in a new window). Mission Australia National Management Team Meeting, Sydney, 22 August 2001.

Launch of ABC Disability Awareness resources: An ABC for all Australians (Opens in a new window). Sydney, 9 August.

Launch of Westpac Action Plan (Opens in a new window). 24 July 2001.

Economic, social and cultural rights in Australia - the roles of HREOC and the corporate sector (Opens in a new window). Asia Pacific Forum meeting, Hong Kong, 11 July 2001.

Towards an Australian Bill of Rights: Can HREOC play a role? NOW We The People Conference, Newtown, 15 July 2001.

Human rights in contemporary Australia (Opens in a new window). Centre for Intercultural Studies and Multicultural Education, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, 19 June 2001.

Openness, participation and access. 2000 Administrative Law Forum, Adelaide, 15-16 June 2001.

Barriers in accessing justice. Community Access to Justice Seminar, Port Lincoln, 25 May 2001.

Launch of Captioned Movies (Opens in a new window). Sydney, 9 April 2001.

Human rights and multiculturalism (Opens in a new window). Multiculturalism in a New Millennium Policy Forum, Brisbane, 29 March 2001.


Three Barriers to Justice. Chapter in Serving the Regional Communities in the Year 2000. Seminar Proceedings. Office of Multicultural and International Affairs and State Ombudsman of South Australia, Adelaide, 2000.

Multiculturalism - New Directions. FECCA Conference, Brisbane, 20 November 2000.

Legal System and Minorities. FECCA Conference, Darwin, 25 September 2000.


Central Europe Overview. AUSTRADE  Emerging Markets in Eastern and Central Europe Seminar, Adelaide, 3 June 1999.


Migration to South Australia. Multicultural Forum, Adelaide, 14 October 1998.

Globalisation - the Way Forward. 5th International Conference for Women Entrepreneurs, Adelaide, 23 August 1998.

Regional Migration to South Australia. Paper delivered at the New Opportunities in Business Migration Seminar, Sydney, 26 May 1998.


The Changing Role of State and Territory Governments in Migration and Settlement. FECCA Congress, Adelaide.

Ethnic Media and Social Cohesion. 15th National Ethnic Broadcasters Conference, Melbourne, 8-10 September 1996.

Breaking Down the Barriers. ACT Department of Education and Training Conference, Canberra, 9 September 1996.


The Access and Equity Strategy - The Concept and Outcomes of the Evaluation. Access and Equity Strategy Seminars for APS Managers,  Australia wide, February-July 1995.


Access and Equity for Older People of Non-English Speaking Background. Council on the Ageing Conference 'Older Immigrants: Forsaken or Forgotten?' Sydney, 19 February 1994.


The Access and Equity Strategy - Reforming Public Sector in Response to Cultural Diversity. ACOSS Congress 'Justice for Australia: The Way Ahead', Canberra, 1-2 October 1993.

Methodology for Cross-Portfolio Evaluations. Australasian Evaluation Society International Conference 'Evaluation - Making It Work'. World Congress Centre, Melbourne, 28 July 1993.

Use and Management of Consultants in the Context of Evaluation. Program Evaluation and Improvement Conference, Sydney, 23-25 February 1993.


Use of Australian Legal System by Ethnic Communities. Interpreting and the Law Conference, Sydney, 28 July 1992.

Access and Equity in Community and Government Services. The Australian-Polish Community Services Conference, Melbourne, 24 July 1992.

Accountability in the Australian Public Service - a model for Poland. Polish-Australian Legal Association Administrative Law Conference, Warsaw & Cracow, Poland, 15-22 June 1992.

Managing Cross-Portfolio Evaluations. Proceedings of the BIR Second National Immigration Outlook Conference, Melbourne, pp. 279-289.


Immigration Laws in Human Rights Perspective. Centre for the Study of Human Rights Symposium, Colombia University, New York,  USA, 23 April 1991.


Poland After Martial Law – Community Responses. Proceedings of the Poland After Martial Law Conference, Australian National University, Canberra.


Responses of the Australian Community to Martial Law in Poland. Poland After Martial Law: In Search for 'Normalisation' Conference, Canberra, 17 November 1988.


Criminal Law and the Public: A Problem of Communication. The 50th ANZAAS Jubilee Congress, Adelaide, 12-16 May 1985.


The Australian migration law: a time for change? presented at the Law Week Seminar, "The Rights of migrants - proposals for reform", Sydney on 1 May 1984.

Responses of the Australian Community to the Polish Crisis. Chapter in Poland After Marital Law: The Search for "Normalization. Conference Proceedings, Centre for Continuing Education, Australian National University, Canberra.


The Impact of Divorce Laws on Divorce Rate in Australia: A Time Series Analysis. The SAANZ Conference, Hobart, 23-26 August 1983.


Legal Aid, Education and the Community. Proceedings of the International Symposium A World in Crisis: Education and Society in the 1980's.


Legal Aid, Education and the Community. The International Symposium of the Australian Comparative and International Education Society, Bendigo, 23-27 November 1980.

The Family Law Act 1975 and the Family. Living Together: Family Patterns and Lifestyles Conference, Canberra, 2-5 July 1980.

Family Law as an Instrument of Social Change. The Sociological Association of Australia and New Zealand (SAANZ) Conference, Canberra, 5-8 July 1980.


Party Allegiance in a Regional City. (co-author: G. Starr). The Sociological Association of Australia and New Zealand Conference, Canberra, 5-8 July 1979.

Law as an Instrument of Social Change: Divorce Law and the Stability of Marriage in Australia. The IVR World Congress, Basel, Switzerland, 27-30 August 1979.

Polish Industrial Enterprise - the Legal Model and Operational Reality. Australian Political Science Conference, Armidale, 22-24 August 1979.

Workers' Law and Their Legal Consciousness - the Polish Case. World Congress on Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy: Law and the Future of Society, Sydney-Canberra, 14-21 August 1979.

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