UWS 2009 Year of Respect and Inclusion

Why have a Year of Respect and Inclusion? 

Inclusiveness and equity of access are central values of UWS.

The aims of the 2009 UWS Year of Respect and Inclusion were to :

  • promote the development of a more inclusive and respectful University community and global society
  • celebrate our individual differences and our common humanity
  • recognise the strength of the human and intellectual diversity at UWS
  • encourage all members of the university to contribute to creating a welcoming, inclusive and respectful environment
  • learn to put respect and inclusion into practice at an every day level and eliminate discrimination, bullying, harassment and incivility
  • provide an opportunity for the UWS community to engage creatively with the concepts of respect and inclusion and consider how we can best work and study together to bring knowledge to life for every member of our University.