UWS Year of Success Through Diversity 2013

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"The rich diversity of our staff and students makes a significant contribution to the success of UWS in achieving excellence in the areas of teaching and learning, research, and community engagement. Please join us in celebrating the UWS Year of Success through Diversity 2013"

Professor Janice Reid, Vice Chancellor


Following the format of the highly successful UWS Year of Respect and Inclusion in 2009, Equity and Diversity hosted another year long project in 2013, celebrating the strength of diversity at the University and focusing on its importance for the success in research, teaching and learning.

This Project supported the University's strategic goal of building organisational strength by recognising the broad range of perspectives and skills that the University community contributes to our scholarly and professional undertakings, making us more innovative, more competitive and better able to generate new ideas and new ways of doing things in an increasingly globalised marketplace.

Celebrating success through diversity at the University adds value to our widening participation strategy, as it promotes the message that the opportunity to achieve excellence is available to all, no matter one's background and identity.

Recently, racism has been an issue of concern, particularly for international students. Promotion of success through diversity provides a positive, proactive response to racism and other forms of discrimination.

Part of the year's activities involved engagement with the largest culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities in Greater Western Sydney, particularly the Chinese, Indian, Arabic and Vietnamese communities, some of whom are underrepresented in the University student cohort.

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