International Day of Peace

21 September marks the International Day of Peace. It was officially declared by the United Nations General Assembly in 2001. This year's theme is "The Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace".

What is peace?

Peace can mean many things to different people. In terms of global peace, it can be referred to as a non-violent way of life across the earth.  It is an ideal for a world without war where respect, justice and goodwill will prevail amongst the nations of the world. In terms of family life, it can be referred to as family living together calmly where conflict is resolved through open communication and respect for each other's views.

The International Day of Peace was created so that individuals and organisations can have an opportunity to promote peace. In Australia, for example, Think Peace dedicates its efforts to teaching children in schools that world peace is possible. Around the world people and organisations will be doing things like lighting candles, ringing bells, attending large events, praying, meditating and donating to projects that promote peace.

Whatever your ideal of peace is, Western Sydney University encourages you to join the celebration by taking some time to yourself to think about what contributions you can make to achieve a peaceful world. For more information and ideas please visit the links below.