Harmony Day

It is time to celebrate.

Harmony Day was first celebrated in 1999 and falls on 21 March each year. It coincides with the United Nations' International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The continuing message of Harmony Day is Everyone Belongs, which means all Australians are a welcome part of our country, regardless of their background.

Harmony Day gives people the opportunity to celebrate what makes each Australian unique and share what we have in common.  It aims to build on Australia's successful initiatives to promote community harmony and emphasizes Australia's traditional values of justice, equality, fairness and friendship.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Australians speak over 300 languages, including Indigenous languages, identify with more than 200 ancestries and practice a range of religions. Harmony Day provides an excellent opportunity to celebrate this diversity and also to reflect on who we are as a nation and the kind of future that we want to create for the generations to come.


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