Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Staff, Students and Community

Western Sydney University embraces the fundamental guiding principles of mutual respect and partnership outlined in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. (opens in new window). The University is committed to increasing the representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People at all levels of the University workforce and is committed to increasing student numbers and progression rates to reflect the larger numbers of Indigenous People that call Western Sydney home. Through the Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education, Strategy and Consultation we work together with all areas of the University and community to:

  • Increase the number of Indigenous people participating in higher education as students, as graduates, as academics and research staff.
  • Increase the engagement of non-Indigenous people with Indigenous knowledge, culture and educational approaches.
  • Improve the university environment for Indigenous People.
  • Build an Indigenous Academic pipeline for Research and student mentors.
  • Listen and give voice to the issues being raised by the communities in Greater Western Sydney where these impact on the University and its future.

Indigenous Student Support

The Badanami Centre for Indigenous Education at Western Sydney University (opens in a new window) provides a range of services for current and future students in a supportive and culturally appropriate learning environment. Western aims to provide education which is rewarding intellectually as well as socially and culturally appropriate. The Centre has offices located at various University campuses and provides Mentoring Programs, opportunities and work placements (opens in a new window), and Scholarships (opens in a new window), to name but a few of the services provided.

To contact any Badanami Centre or to make an enquiry regarding services provided contact Badanami (opens in a new window), and be sure to join their Facebook Page (opens in a new window), to get the latest news on events.

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