International Human Rights Education Conferences

The International Human Rights Education (IHRE) Conferences, which were initiated in 2010 by Dr Sev Ozdowski to advance human rights culture world-wide, have been held in Australia, South Africa, Poland, Taiwan, USA, Holland and Chile.

The 8th IHRE Conference (Opens in a new window), 'Bridging Our Diversities' will be hosted by Equitas International Centre for Human Rights in Montreal Canada from November 30 - December 3 2017.

Advancing Community Cohesion 2017

Advancing Community Cohesion conference 2017 logo

Western Sydney University is hosting the Advancing Community Cohesion - Today's Challenges and Solutions Conference (opens in a new window) from 20-22 November 2017. The conference will be held at the Universities Parramatta City and Parramatta South campuses.

Australian Ally Conference

The Australian Ally Conference, organised in partnership with the University of Newcastle, was held at Parramatta Campus on 27-28 June 2016.

Advancing Community Cohesion 2015

Western Sydney University hosted the 'Advancing Community Cohesion - Towards a National Compact' Conference from 15-17 July 2015 on Parramatta South campus.