Ally Contact Details

An Ally is a volunteer (staff or student) from the Western Sydney University community who is committed to cultural change and who provides confidential support to LGBTIQ community members at the University. An Ally has attended training on how to provide safe, friendly and confidential support to LGBTIQ students and staff.

All Allies may be contacted for a confidential conversation or to ask questions. We’ve listed where each staff member of the Ally Network works within the University. You’ll notice we have Ally staff from across the University, including Schools, Counsellors, Welfare Officers, Student Enquiry Officers, Human Resources, Complaints Resolution Unit, and many, many more. Our student Allies are growing all the time and are keen to help, you’ll also find their contact details at the end of the list.

Please contact Equity and Diversity (opens in a new window) on 9678 7374 if any contacts on this list require an update.