Breastfeeding Support

The University supports students and staff who wish to breastfeed their baby while they participate iInfantn work or study on campus.

Nursing mothers returning to work after maternity leave are entitled to paid lactation breaks. Women are welcome to breastfeed their babies wherever they feel comfortable on campus. There are also rooms available for those who prefer a private space for breastfeeding.

Australian Breastfeeding Association

Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace LogoWestern Sydney University is accredited by the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA). The Australian Breastfeeding Association has trained Breastfeeding Counsellors available to assist women with breastfeeding questions and ways to combine breastfeeding and returning to work. ABA can be contacted on the toll-free number 1800 686 268.


The following checklists guide managers and supervisors on how to support breastfeeding employees. The checklists identify key areas of discussion and consideration to help reach an arrangement that suits the needs of the breastfeeding employee and the operational needs of the workplace.

Employee going on maternity leave & pre-adoptive employee

Ideally, the workplace should discuss breastfeeding support for parents before an employee takes maternity leave. Also, it is important to remember that an employee adopting a child may intend to breastfeed the adopted child, therefore may require similar support arrangements.

As soon as the manager or supervisor is notified of an employee’s intention to take maternity leave, we suggest they take the following steps:

Discuss the employee’s expected needs prior to leave and ensure the employee is aware of the support available within the University, as an accredited Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace

Highlight the University’s breastfeeding policy and advise of the availability of lactation breaks

Discuss the full range of leave arrangements and workplace flexibility options

Highlight the location of, and facilities in, breastfeeding rooms: Facilities listed below.

Discuss any formal or informal procedures in place to stay in touch with employees on maternity leave. Consider extending an invitation to bring the baby in to meet the team

Provide a blank copy of a Lactation Break Agreement form for discussion and finalisation on their return to work

Diarise regular contact with the employee to check in regarding transition back to the workplace

Following the employee’s return to work from leave:

Finalise the Lactation Break Agreement, if required.

Ask the employee to advise when their needs change so that the Lactation Break Agreement can be amended / ceased accordingly.

New employees

Managers and supervisors are to inform new employees to the workplace of available supports for breastfeeding mothers. The points below are a guide if further information is required:

☐    Advise of the University’s breastfeeding policy and provide a blank copy of a Lactation Break Agreement form for discussion and finalisation, if required.

☐    Discuss leave arrangements and workplace flexibility options

☐    Advise of availability of lactation breaks and breastfeeding room locations

Parental and breastfeeding facilities on campus

The following rooms are available for staff, students and visitors and can be used by parents and for breastfeeding.



Room Type


Building 1.G.07

Parents Room

Building 2.G.068

Womens Room

Blacktown (Nirimba)

Building U10.1.26

Parents Room


Building 2.G.35

Womens Room

Building 21.G.39

Parents Room

Building 30.1.07

Parents Room

Macarthur Clinical School

Building X7.G.38

Parents Room


Building K4.G.20

Parents Room

Building K4.G.79

Womens Room


Building N.G.11

Parents Room

Building N.G.13

Womens Room

Liverpool City

Building 3.1.15

Womens Room

Building 3.1.18

Parents Room

Parramatta City

Building 1.1.33

Womens Room

Building 1.1.34

Parents Room

Parramatta South

Building EB 6.16

Womens Room

Builing EHa.L63

Parents Room