2016 Open Fora

2016 Open Fora

16 November 2016

The Impact of Technology on the Future of the Federal Court                                                                

Guest Speaker:

  • The Hon Chief Justice James Allsop AO

Federal Court of Australia


12 October 2016

The Future of Multiculturalism

Guest Speaker

  • Dr G. K. Harinath OAM
    Chair of the Multicultural NSW Advisory Board



24 August 2016

Nepal - between China and India. 
Survival of Struggling Democracies

Guest Speaker:

  • Prof. Surya Dhungel
    Kathmandu University School of Law/National Law College, 
    and Chairman, LawMan Inc.

20 Jul 2016

Insurance, Genetic Testing 
and Discrimination

Guest Speaker:

  • Justice Christian Byk
    French Commission for UNESCO

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1 June 2016

Fighting Global Poverty with Gender Equality

Guest Speaker:

  • Dr Helen Szoke
    Chief Executive
    Oxfam Australia

6 April 2016

Open Markets and the Vietnamese Human Rights Dilemma

Guest Speakers:

  • Chris Hayes MP
    Federal Member for Fowler
  • Commentary provided by Dinh Tran
    Registrar, Family Court of Australia

2 March 2016

The Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria and now Zika: 
Can Australia Make a Difference?

Guest Speaker:

  • Helen Evans
    Associate Professor (Hons.), 
    The Nossal Institute for Global Health, the University of Melbourne

20 January 2016

Tyranny of Status Quo: Challenges of Indian Economic Reforms

Guest Speakers:

  • Dr M. Govinda Rao
    Emeritus Professor, National Institute of Public Finance Policy, New Delhi
  • Commentary provided by Pallavi Sinha,
    Lawyer & Adjunct Lecturer