2009 Open Fora

The Future of the Media Industry

10 November

Guest Speaker

  • Phillip Adams AO, legendary broadcaster and film maker. Host of ABC Radio National's Late Night Live. Author and Social Commentator.

Is AIDS Over?

10 September

Guest Speaker

  • The Honourable Michael Kirby, AC CMG, Retired Justice of the High Court.

Is Australia Giving Refugees a Fair Go?

12 August

Guest Speakers

  • Denis O'Brien, Principal Member of the Australian Government's Migration Review Tribunal and Refugee Review Tribunal, and
  • Jacqueline Everitt, well known refugee advocate and author of the The Bitter Shore, the story of Shayan Badraie's detention and the Badraie family's life after detention.

Speech made by Denis O'Brien

Winning and Losing Elections

10 June

Guest Speakers

  • Mr Malcolm Mackerras AO, political analyst, and
  • Dr Graeme Starr, a former Liberal State Director and Federal Ministerial Adviser.

The Personal and the Political.
Women in Australian Politics

23 April

Guest Speaker

Human Rights, Respect and Inclusion and Launch of the 2009 UWS Year of Respect and Inclusion

4 March

The Honourable Robert McClelland, Federal Attorney General, discussed the Australian human rights protection system and how it contributes to respect and inclusion in the national and tertiary education contexts.