Mail drop-offs and pick-ups

All the University's incoming and outgoing mail is sorted by the Logistics team in Building R on Kingswood campus before being delivered to the drop-off/pick-up points on each campus. Mail bags are exchanged at each office's drop off/pick up point.


Labelling items for successful delivery

It's essential to include sufficient information to enable Logistics staff to deliver mail and other correspondence in an efficient and timely manner.

Required informationExample

Staff address
Full name of recipient
School or Department
Building number (room number is helpful)

Joan Bloggs
School of Finance
Room R.1.96
Building R1
Hawkesbury Campus

Resident student address
Full name of the resident student
Western Sydney University Village
Campus name 
Locked Bag 1797
Penrith NSW 2751

Sam Studious
Western Sydney University Village
Campbelltown Campus
Locked Bag 1797
Penrith NSW 2751

Bulk Mail-outs

To post large mail-outs (i.e. 500 letters or more):

  1. email and request a mail tub
  2. create groups of envelopes of the same size into bundles (i.e. of 25 envelopes) secured with a rubber band and separating into internal mail, domestic mail, and international mail.
  3. place the bundles into the mail tub and leave the tub at the mail collection point for your building with your building's Logistics mail bag. If there are multiple mail tubs to be collected, complete this form to request pickup.

All outgoing external mail is recorded in a database and charged against the relevant cost centres before being picked up from the Logistics building by Australia Post (opens in a new window).

Express Post

To express post an item, purchase an express post envelope/bag from Australia Post and place your item in:

External Articles

If not sufficiently addressed, incoming mail may be delayed or returned to sender.

In an effort to find the recipient of an insufficiently addressed item, Logistics staff will:

  • Refer to the Staff Directory
  • Check with staff at Student Residential areas in an attempt to find the recipient.

If the recipient can't be located, the article will be returned to sender.

It's important for all staff to keep their directory listings updated and current, and to notify Logistics if a building is being vacated and/or a business unit is moving to another location.

All outgoing external mail is recorded in a database and charged against the relevant cost centres before being picked up from the Logistics building by Australia Post (opens in a new window).

Personal mail cannot be posted and charged to the University even if the cost of postage is reimbursed to the University. University envelopes are not to be used for sending personal mail.

Staff are requested to refrain from using the University's address for receiving private mail.

International Post

All International parcels and some international letters require customs forms. Refer to the Australia Post website to find out which form your parcel/letter requires. Customs forms are available from Australia Post outlets.

Once you have completed the correct customs form, place your international post parcel/letter in the Logistics mail bag. If the parcel is large, make a request for collection by completing this form.


When posting parcels, boxes and other large items that won’t fit inside your building's Logistics mail bag, contact or complete this form

Please ensure all staples are covered by tape.

Registered Mail

To send mail via registered post, purchase a registered post small pre-paid envelope or registered post prepaid label from Australia Post, and place the registered mail in your building's Logistics mail bag.

Reply Paid Envelopes

Standard University envelopes cannot be used as reply paid envelopes—they can only be used for mail sent via the Logistics team. If you need to include reply-paid envelopes in your mail-outs (i.e. to have surveys posted back to you), you will need to order the reply-paid envelopes via the Print Services Unit.