Hay balesThe Hawkesbury Farm demonstrates regenerative agro-ecological practices, including those relating to irrigation, soil health, pasture ecology, and grazing management. It is intended to collect data and monitor critical parameters of the trophic levels of the Farm agro-ecology.

Building upon the sensors for environmental and soil parameters by the IoT application The Yield, sensors for atmospheric fluxes at the same site have been installed by Elise Pendall of Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment (opens in a new window).

Along with standard agricultural soil tests, broader suites of carbon and microbial parameters will be collected, along with measures of the quantity and quality of pasture production, and growth rates of grazing stock. This will provide data on critical parameters of the trophic dynamics and ecosystem services generated by this agro-ecology.

SDGs 2,3,4,6,11,13,15,17