ArchibullsThe historical dairy buildings of Hawkesbury Farm are planned for ‘adaptive reuse’ as an Agri-industry teaching and learning resource for the Centre of Excellence in Peri-Urban Futures.

The shearing and wool teaching area of Building A11 is proposed as a flexible teaching and event space, with resource material currently underway including Virtual Reality farm tour technology from Cotton Australia, teaching material from Woolmark. The building is also the current residence for the 2020 Archibulls (opens in a new window).

Building A14 is proposed as a modular prototyping and demonstration area, with potential applications including aquaculture and mushroom production from wood chips.

Nearby, worm farms and composting demonstrations are developing for green and food waste conversion to soil conditioner, and the outdoor areas include a show ring for cattle showing by the Show Team, and other outdoor demonstrations.

SDGs 2,3,4,12,13,15,17