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Introduction to programs and services

Graduates with disability and employers have a great deal of free assistance and advice readily available to them. This is an excellent opportunity and we strongly recommend 'taking up' this help to finishing students, graduates, employers and other service providers. Using the free help and advice available could make a huge difference to your success.

Here are a few important things to know about the services and programs generally available.

  • Some of the services or programs involve a very specific process for getting access to the help you need. For example some services can only be used by job seekers after undergoing an assessment via Centrelink; employers getting financial assistance may involve an online application; and other programs are only available through a particular type of service. Make sure you find out about any steps required to get the assistance.
  • The mix of services and programs available includes government, non-government organisations running government funded programs; and tertiary education providers.
  • This mix can sometimes make it a bit tricky to find the 'right' service or program to suit your needs. But there is plenty of online and over-the-phone information available to help you navigate your way around.
  • There have been recent changes to the names and structures of many of the employment-related services and programs. Watch out for outdated information about these services and programs.
  • Traditionally it was common to tend to have a 'divide' between those services for graduates and their employers and those for people with disability and non-graduate employers. It is being much better recognised now that there is a large overlap and that graduates with disability and their graduate employers need the help of both types of services and programs, those with graduate expertise and those with disability expertise.
  • This website includes a Toolkit for services and programs in this area specifically about the needs of Graduates with Disability and Graduate Employers. If you find that the service you are working with has some gaps in knowledge or skills in the area, you could tell them about this resource called the Education to Employment Toolkit for Employment and Career Services.
  • Services and programs from across the various sectors have not always worked closely together, which creates difficulties and inefficiencies for employers and graduates. More and more these services are working closer together and building stronger links with each other. If this is not happening in your region, speak to your National Disability Coordination Officer to see if the agencies involved could be better linked.