Support to Help You Secure Graduate Employment

Job Access (opens in a new window)

JobAccess is the national hub for workplace and employment information for people with disability, employers and service providers. JobAccess provides information on workplace modifications, government supports, looking for and changing jobs, understanding your workplace and flexible working arrangements, disclosing your disability and talking to colleagues, links to training and development courses, and how to search for current vacancies.

Disability Employment Services (DES)

The Disability Employment Services (DES) provides specialist employment assistance to help people with disability, injury or a health condition to find and retain suitable employment in the open labour market. It also provides support to their employers if required.

Job Active (opens in a new window)

Job seekers may receive assistance from a Job Active provider to find and keep a job. Job Active providers have the flexibility to tailor their services to a job seeker’s assessed needs. Job Active providers have a strong understanding of local labour markets. They know where the jobs are, what to do to help job seekers get ready for work and how to match job seekers to employer needs.

University Careers Team

All universities across Australia have Careers teams who provide a range of different services to support students, and graduates finding to find the right career. A Career team will support and provide the tools for students/graduates to;

  • Career planning and advice
  • Practical support like, resume writing, application assistance and interview workshops
  • How to market yourself to employers
  • Find suitable employment while you’re studying
  • Transition into graduate employment
  • Help you to connect with graduate employers

Each University offers a unique service to cater to their students, contact the careers team at the University you are enrolled in for specific information on what service they offer to support students.

USEP (opens in a new window)

University Specialist Employment Partnership or otherwise known as USEP for short, is a program preparing and connecting university students with disabilities to graduate jobs.

The program is available to current students or recently graduated who identify as having a disability. To be eligible, you should be one year from completing a degree or would have graduated within the last year.

The USEP program provides individualised support in preparing for and gaining degree relevant employment through a qualified employment specialist.

  • Design a plan that outlines your employment goals.
  • Discover roles that match your skills, experience, and qualifications.
  • Feel supported in your transition to the workplace.
GradWISE (opens in a new window)

GradWISE is a program developed by WISE Employment in conjunction with Australian Universities. The program is designed to empower graduates and tertiary students living with a disability, mental, physical health condition or injury aspire, develop and thrive in graduate and entry level employment.

Australian Network on Disability (AND) (opens in a new window) Stepping Into Internships Program

Stepping Into is a paid internship program designed for university students with disability, who want to gain paid hands-on work experience in their chosen field of study. The Australian Network on Disability (AND), work with their members to identify and provide opportunities for university students with disability to “step into” the workplace to gain exposure to their potential career field and get involved in projects and work alongside experienced professionals.

Voluntary work/work placement

Voluntary work can assist you to build new skills, meet new people and add variety to your work placement. It provides you with an opportunity to understand what supports and accommodations may be required to support you in an employment setting.

Voluntary work and work placement can:

  • Find out what type of work suits you
  • Gain experience while you study, and seeking paid employment or exploring a career change
  • Gain experience working for causes that you are interested in
  • Assist in creating change in areas that are important to you.