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About this site

Welcome to the Education to Employment Package for graduates with disability, employers and employment and career services.

Graduates with disability currently do not have the same graduate outcomes as graduates without a disability. We know that graduates with disability are less likely to be employed in graduate level positions, the field relevant to their qualifications and/or for the maximum hours they are capable of working. This means that those people with disability who have overcome all the barriers to complete their tertiary qualifications are doing so without the subsequent benefits that such an education generally brings: better financial security, job satisfaction and quality of life.

The Education to Employment website is about the changes that can be readily made by students, graduates, employers and those services supporting them to bring about better outcomes and ensure that graduates and employers alike get every opportunity to enjoy the best that graduates with disability are able to achieve.

The website targets 3 main groups:

  • Graduates: relates to people with disability who are completing, or who have graduated from, Vocational Education and Training (such as Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and TAFES); and Higher Education (such as universities) courses in Australia.
  • Employers: relates to Employers who specifically recruit graduates.
  • Employment and Career Services: relates to government funded disability specific employment services (including Disability Employment Services (DES) and disability specific JobActive providers) and career advisory services based in tertiary education institutions (such as TAFEs and universities).

When we say 'disability' we mean any condition, including medical conditions and mental health conditions, that substantially affect a person's ability to perform common tasks (see 'What is disability?' section for detailed definition of disability).

This comprehensive website was originally created in 2007 and has enjoyed a high level of visitors since its launch.

Navigating this site

To help find the information most relevant to you, here is an explanation of each web section of the website and how the section is likely to be most useful to you.

Who are graduates with disabilities?

Research the most common features and experiences of graduates with disability from Australian tertiary education institutions. You will also get a better understanding here about the diversity of graduates with disability and specific things that graduates, employers and support services can do to level the playing the field and increase the chances of a successful move into graduate employment.

Who are graduate employers?

You'll find information here about graduate employers, which will already be familiar to you. However you may find useful some of the facts on graduate employers in general and their aspirations and challenges when recruiting graduates.

What is disability?

Start building your disability confidence here. This section will inform you of the definition and details on disability including types of disability, commonly held myths about people with disability and tips for effective communication with people with disability. For employers this basic disability knowledge can make a huge difference in your ability to effectively attract, recruit and retain professionals with disability.

Disability in graduate employment 

Get the facts here about how to manage disability in the workplace, including how to make your recruitment and selection processes more disability-friendly; how to negotiate workplace adjustments with your new recruit; the types of workplace adjustments and technology possible to get the best from your employees with disability; and your disability-related legal responsibilities.

Programs and services to support graduates and employers

Here you will find the details of the programs and services available through community services, government agencies and tertiary institutions to help graduates with disability and employers find each other, set up and maintain good working arrangements. Making use of these available supports could be critical to the overall benefit and success of your efforts to recruit graduates with disability.


This section provides details of how to find the local agencies relevant to graduates with disability and any further information.

Education to Employment Toolkit for employment and career services

The Toolkit is designed for graduates with disability as well as employment and career services assisting finishing students and recent graduates with disability of Vocational Education and Training or Higher Education courses. This section is not specifically designed for employers but you might find some of the sections useful when planning ways to become more disability confident and attracting more graduates with disability.