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More information for graduates

Here are just a few of the many websites that you will find useful when planning your transition from education to employment. Each section of the website also includes websites for further research.

Australian Network on Disability's 'Stepping Into.....Programs' Australian Network on Disability runs an excellent Internship program through graduate employers for university students with disability to help them prepare for graduate employment in specific industries such as engineering, HR, Law and many more.

Australian Human Rights Commission's Disability Rights The Australian Human Rights Commission is the independent statutory body that promotes and protects Australian human rights, including anti-discrimination matters in relation to disability. This webpage provides a useful guide to the Disability Discrimination Act, specific information about rights in employment, answers to frequently asked questions, and links to a range of useful resources. 

Career Tips

Career Tips website by Edge Employment in Western Australia is a good source of tips and advice for final year students of school, TAFE and university. It also includes information for employers and Career Advisors.

Choosing Your Path: Disclosure Its A Personal Decision

Disclosure of disability presents a number of challenges & choices for people with a disability, particularly those participating in education and employment. Choices may include 'do I need to disclose my disability', 'when do I disclose my disability', 'how do I disclose my disability', 'what are my rights', and 'do I have responsibilities when I disclose'. Employers and educators may also be challenged in relation to their role and responsibilities when a person discloses their disability.

This website addresses these challenges for people with disabilities, employers and educators. It provides substantial information about options and pathways that people with disabilities can use in disclosing their disability in post secondary education and employment environments. The website also articulates the role and responsibilities of employers and educators in relation to disclosure.

Graduate Careers Australia

The Graduate Careers Australia (GCA) website is a comprehensive source of information about graduate careers and employment. The website provides a range of resources for students and graduates of Australian universities, as well as employers, careers professionals and researchers.

Job Access

Job Access is a government program that provides free over-the phone and web-based information & advice to job seekers, employees & employers regarding all things disability employment. It is a great source of information about services available, workplace adjustments, how to prepare well and succeed at work and much more.